She Loves You, She’s Not Needy

Her hugs are a little longer and tighter. Her kisses are filled with passion, and she always wants one more. You say goodbye to each other, and yet she wishes you wouldn't leave.

But no, that does not mean she is needy. She is just so in love with you. Focus on that.

Although she wishes that you would spend all your time with her, she does not want you to give her all of your time. Obviously, that is not realistic, and she gets that.

She understands that you have a life. She knows you have friends and would like to spend time with them. She respects your time, and she knows that you have other needs to attend to.

But then, why does she get upset and complain that you don't spend enough time with her?

Is she needy or inconsiderate?

On the contrary, that is not the case. All she wishes is that you give her as much time as she deserves.

When you seem to be giving things that should not be a priority more attention than you give her, it will upset her.

She wants to know that you make an effort to create time that you can spend together. You should not be available only when it is convenient for you.

Actually, if you are not giving her all the time she deserves, she will question the direction of your relationship.

You are therefore being unfair to her by making her beg for your time. She should never have to ask for such things.

That effort should be spent enjoying the loving relationship you have, not resolving minor issues that a serious relationship should never have.

The only fair thing for her is if you wanted to spend as much time with her as she wanted to spend with you.

As long as you care about her, she will be fine.

She is not looking for someone who will give her a huge mansion or a wardrobe full of the latest fashion items.

Your attentive ear and your presence as she retires after a long day are all she needs to feel ok.

Since she is with you out of love, all she needs is your affection. If you can't give her that, then you have denied her of all she could ever desire from you.

So, make an effort to spend time with her. Hug and kiss her. Then hear her out as she goes on about her day, and she will be happy.

It's the little things that truly matter. Things that will assure her that you love her, just as she loves you. She longs for safety and security from the person she loves.

She fears losing you.

And sometimes, she acts based on that fear. But understand where she is coming from.

Life has not always been easy. She knows what betrayals and heartbreaks feel like.

That is why she fears.

True, she knows you are not like the rest of them. She has placed a lot of hope in the relationship you have.

So, make sure she knows she can trust and depend on you. It's the least she deserves. It might even sound corny, but it will make a world of difference for her.

She would really appreciate it if you proved to her that you care for her and that it's more than just physical attraction.

She desires your touch and your kisses, but she would also like to know you see something more in her.

Knowing that you enjoy cuddling up close to her is your idea of heaven would truly delight her.

So, take an interest in her day.

When she is confident that you love her, she will let you into her life.

She will want to know all she can about you. And she is not being nosy, but she wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

By showing her who you are, she will feel confident showing you who she is.

She wants to know what you think of the future. And it's not just so she understands whether you intend to marry her. She wants to know what kind of man you are.

So, she is anything but needy. She is just loving and caring, and she wishes you knew that.