She Loves Hard Because She Knows How It Feels To Be Loved So Little

The wait is over! She has finally met the man of her dreams and he treats her like a queen! But the reason why he is so amazed by her unconditional love is because she really does LOVE HARD. Because she knows how it feels to be loved so little. So now that she is in a relationship, there are things that she does more than most women and here are just a few.

1. She never goes a day without telling him how much she loves him. And how happy she is that he is in her life.

She does more than just tell him she loves him, but she shows it by the way she smiles every time he walks into the room. It doesn't matter what she's doing at the time, she goes to him and hugs him with the tightest squeeze and most sincere hug just to let him know that he is loved and adored.

2. She makes every effort to spend her weekends with him. And the days that he wants her to go out on little road trips.

She is never too busy to clear her calendar for him because she remembers the days when it was just her on her own. So these little road trips are an adventure to not only him but to her as well. As she sits in the passenger seat, with the wind blowing in her hair, she quietly closes her eyes and begins to reminisce. She remembers the days when she drove the car and tried to enjoy the breeze on a hot sunny day by herself. So this means more to her than he could ever imagine.

3. She takes the time to listen without interrupting. When he talks, she gets excited as he speaks about how well he is coming along at his new firm.

In other words, she allows him to know that she is hanging on to every word that he is saying and that his excitement and happiness is just as important to her as it is to him. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you come home and your pet dog or cat is standing there waiting for you to unlock the door so they can jump into your arms.

4. She posts so many pictures on her social media to let the world know that her love for him is not a secret. It is a life that is lived out loud with laughter and joy.

Yes, she does love hard and in doing so, she keeps a balance, so he doesn't think she is crazy. But he is still overwhelmed at all of the love that he is receiving from a girl that would give him the world. Now ask yourself, who wouldn't want to marry a girl like that.