she forced her daughter to accuse her ex-husband of sexual assault. now she’s in jail

When it comes to divorce, some do get messy and these are the types where false allegations are used as a weapon.

In a bid to leverage their better half, spouses result in smear tactics to win their divorce battle.

Some will use their kids as a tool to win the process at all cost which is so unfair.

In most cases, the accused partner will bow their head and give in to the pressure just to avoid public embarrassment.

This brings us to a classic example of a false accusation gone wrong.

A Chicago mum has forced her daughter to falsely accuse her father of sexual abuse.

What Happened

The story began to trend after Jeffery M. Leving, the father’s lawyer narrated it in his press release.

Leving used anonymity in his press release as he did not name the father, mother, child or judge.

He is a great attorney who advocates for “Dad’s Rights and represents fathers at any given opportunity.

Also, he has written three books on men and divorces.

Now back to the case…

Originally, the father was granted residential custody of the daughter in question and the wife asked to pay child support.

In a bid to change custody and to stop paying child support, Leving alleged that the mother resulted to smear tactics.

She forced her daughter to report a case of sexual abuse to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

Meanwhile, the accused father could have been sent to jail and worst of all, lose his daughter.

We fought very hard to prove that the allegations against my client were not true and we won, Leving said.

The Role the Judge Played

The judge who was not named in the release gave a no-contact order between the mother and daughter.

An order which the mother breached as she continued to ask her daughter to move forward with her false claims.

The Judge in response, ordered the mother to be remanded in jail for two reasons.

For violating the no-contact order and failure to pay over $50,000 in child support.

Leving and the Press

Leving addressed the press where he said that victory, in this case, has brought justice to the wrongly accused dad.

This is a great example of why we are dedicated to fathers and our children’s protection.

I am grateful to the many men who have dared to ask me to fight for them, Leving said.

It is not easy but we always give a good fight and the feeling is amazing.

Leving continued to say that in his history of trying parental alienation cases, this has been the worst.

He defined parental alienation as a situation where one parent says awful things about the other to their kids.

According to Leving’s press release, a lot of experts see parental alienation as a form of child abuse.

Even child psychologists have said that the consequence of parental alienation is parental alienation syndrome.

This can make children to be scared of either parent or disrespectful towards them.