She Forced Her Daughter To Accuse Her Ex-Husband Of Sexual Assault - Now She's In Jail

she forced her daughter to accuse her ex-husband of sexual assault – now she’s in jail

Lodging false allegations of abuse against a spouse during divorce proceedings are common. It is a way many employ in trying to gain the upper hand. False allegations of sexual assault and abuse against the female or her child are sure to command attention as many women bank on this and falsely accuse the men in question.

They use this strategy in a cue to make the men give in. The accused party oftentimes gives in to the demands of the woman to avoid the public backlash or damage to his reputation. He does this even when the allegations are unfounded.

Why would he go to such lengths? If publicized, such allegations could make him lose his job or ruin his chances of ever getting one. It could permanently soil his image.

A mother in Chicago recently replicated this common phenomenon. She forced her daughter to accuse her ex-husband falsely - the girl's father - of physical and sexual abuse.

The Story

The father's attorney, Jeffery M. Leving, told this story in a press release. The press release did not mention either the man's or woman's name. Leving, an advocate for "Dad's rights" and commonly represents fathers, successfully defended the man in question in court.

On winning the divorce case, the father got residential custody of his daughter. The mother, on the other hand, was ordered to pay child support. According to Leving, in an effort to "gain leverage in her pursuit to change custody and terminate child support obligation", she falsely accused her ex-husband.

The mother forced her daughter to make false allegations against the father at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. This clearly shows what lengths people will go to satisfy their selfish desires.

A Near Loss Became A Win

Leving said that the father almost lost his relationship with his daughter. He also faced wrongful incarceration. Eventually, though, he won. After fighting vigorously to prove that the allegations were false, this father came out victorious.

The judge in charge of the case entered a no-contact order between the girl and her mother. The mother kept violating this order by repeatedly trying to reach the girl. She kept trying to force her daughter into making more false allegations against her father.

Hence, the mother was jailed for violating the no-contact order and for failure to pay child support. As at the time of jailing her, she owed more than $50,000 in child support.

Men keep bearing the brunt of accusations like this because some entitled women bank on the support of the public for women. It was really nice to see the victory bring justice to a wrongly accused dad.

Leving said:

"I'm thankful for the many men over the years who have found the courage to call me to fight for what counts. It isn't easy, but we do fight, and we do win, and it feels amazing."

He went further to describe this case as "one of the worst cases of alienation" he has ever handled. In this case, parental alienation means the practice of one parent saying derogatory things about the other parent to their children. This is considered a form of child abuse by many experts on the topic of parental alienation.

Psychologists describe the effect of such actions on a child as Parental Alienation Syndrome. Such allegations can make the children become afraid of and disrespect the accused parent.