She Dreamt Of Having A House In Front Of The Ocean: Story Of Domestic Violence

She Dreamt Of Having A House In Front Of The Ocean: Story Of Domestic Violence

She was only 18 years old and he was 25 when they got married. He was her first love but she didn't know it would be her last one. A few months after her wedding she gave birth to her first son. Everything worked for the best. They were happy, he had a good job and she helped him by making and selling necklaces, earrings, and different kinds of jewelry. She was very talented. Many years later, with 3 more kids, they were a happy couple.

He came back from work one day and everything changed. He started by abusing her mentally and he would look for everything to put her down. This violence started to increase more and more every day. Nobody understood what happened. He used to tell her she was good for nothing and she believed him. She lost her self-confidence as time went on.

In the beginning, it was mental abuse until this particular day. The day she came home late from the park with the kids. The kids came home happy and so was she. But she didn't know that a beautiful day would turn to hell. He asked the kids to go upstairs. He showed up in front of her then and out of nowhere he just hit her. She fell on the floor unconscious for a few minutes and was bleeding like crazy. He warned her to not be late anymore.

Since that day this violence was a daily occurrence. She used to hide her bruises with makeup or she did not go out until she healed from them. To hide what this ugly man was doing to her, he didn't want her family and friends around anymore. This violence didn't stop here it continued for years and years. He used the kids to frighten her if she left him so she never did. She sacrificed her life to save her kids' life because she didn't want him to hurt them.

Her dreams never came true

This woman asked her eldest son who had a good job to help her but he never did. She used to tell him: "if you help me and your younger sisters I will find a job and we will buy a house". She dreamt to be free and happy with her children. She dreamt to have a house in front of the ocean. She wanted to be away from this evil man.

Her dreams never came true. This beautiful woman became an angel under the hands of her evil husband.

Ask for help don't feel ashamed

Recognize the signs of domestic violence: mentally or/and physically and just leave. Don't wait until it gets worse. Find help with your family or friends. There are plenty of organizations that will help you that have free numbers you can call. Ask for help, don't feel ashamed. Nobody deserves this kind of life full of fears, full of tears, full of hate and violence. So save your life, your children's lives before it is too late.