She Didn't Stop Loving You But She Did Stop Showing Love To You

She Didn’t Stop Loving You But She Did Stop Showing Love To You

You know this story. A girl and a boy fell in love. And she promised everything to him, but after a while, something clicked. She was no longer caring, so what did our boy do to her?

She loved him dearly, yet she decided to walk away. That's the kind of pain no one should experience. Yet, she had to, because what option did he leave her with? When you feel alone in your relationship, you can't magically stop loving someone, but you do stop showing it. So, what the heck did the guy do now?


Too many reasons to count

Women are fragile and strong. They can do the impossible for the people they love, and they also know how to give a cold shoulder. Guys know that very well. Do they understand it? Nope.

The moment you start feeling less appreciated, less heard or seen, is the moment you want to walk away. Yet you don't, because you're hopeful. So, what is it that you can do? Stop showering your man with love and affection. Your heart is in the past. You're counting all the sweet kisses, powerful embraces, and all the passionate moments you shared. Your silly heart, capable of so much, doesn't know how to stop, and you're actively fighting with your mind.


Your soul is crushed. He was the man you wanted to love for the rest of your lives. Maybe he betrayed your trust. Or he merely stopped treating you as anything but a business partner. He stopped including you in decision making, or he started acting like you're always plus one. He's breaking your spirit, but you're still here.

And the brain wants justice. You should stop caring and stop giving a darn. So, when you combine all of it, it's clear to see why a woman can still love a guy, yet she can also stop showing her love.


Learning to get over someone

You're starting to distance yourself from a relationship. Despite being hurt, you are still hanging on to hope, while drowning in what was. Your man sees that things aren't the same, because you stopped talking. You tried, but he didn't understand that things were getting too much. He was reckless, careless, and your emotions appear to be on hold. You're waiting for the grand gesture, yet you know it's time to move on.


It's not just pain that you're experiencing. It's self-doubt, and it's your self-esteem that's on the line. Everything sucks. You need to scream, to tell him that you're about to walk away, yet you know that changes nothing. So, you love him, even more than ever, but you're learning to live without your guy.

There's something strangely calming once you start getting over someone. It's different each time, with every relationship. But, it's time to go home, to yourself. You did your best, and if that wasn't good enough, there's no reason for you to stay. You opened up your heart too many times, but it's time to close it. Again.



You'll remember him fondly. He was part of your life, but you know you deserve more. And he deserves more than the love that you stopped showing him. There's no time for blame or regrets. You're moving forward, and now you know better. But was it all his fault? Or were you not meant to be? Perhaps it's something else: women and men love differently. When you find someone who'll meet you halfway, you'll know.


After you stop crying, and your head is clear, it is time to rebuild your life. It's time to heal your sense of self, and to reconnect with all the things that made you unique. You'll wake up one day with a feeling that everything is going to be alright. Anything is possible. That's the day you are free.

Relationships aren't tricky, but people are. Those days, when you're in limbo, loving him, but not wanting to show it, those days are exhausting, painful and excruciating. There's no light on at the end of the tunnel. But now you know why. The light was always in you. You go, girl!