She "Can't Stand People", But This Girl Will Love Hard, Although She Will Not Tolerate BS

She “can’t Stand People”, But This Girl Will Love Hard, Although She Will Not Tolerate Bs

Happiness is a choice. And also, lack of happiness is not a sign that you are evil. It's more often than not a front you put up to protect your fragile heart from heartbreakers.

So, that girl who can't seem to stand anyone will love harder and more genuinely than you can possibly imagine. But make no mistake about it. She will not stand for BS.

So you are not caught off-guard, here are more things you should know about this girl.

1. There's Probably A Reason, Or Not

This girl might have a reason for her caustic demeanor. Or maybe she does not. But for your own sake, just assume she has been through something that justifies her hostility towards everyone.

But rest assured that if she loves you and you love her back, you will enjoy your relationship. So, don't stress yourself trying to figure her out. All people are complex beyond our understanding on some level, however nice and welcoming.

2. She's Real

She might seem evil and sinister, but she is actually very genuine. She has a lot of positive emotions to share with the right people. It is just that her main emotion is not affection. But just because she cares deeply about you, it does not mean you should expect her to be an emotional mess about it. You ought to know that love goes far beyond that.

3. She Hates, She Doesn't Fight

When she is involved with you, her goal is not to get into fights with you. In fact, she wants more than anything for things to work out. She does not hate for the sake of it but because she wants a genuine shot at love. This is just her dark side, and we all have one. Avoid creating meaningless fights or playing games because those are the things she hates in people.

4. Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Flattery will never work with this girl. She can see when someone is full of it from a mile off. So, if she thinks you are just blowing hot hair, she will give you the cold shoulder without a shred of remorse. She has high standards and will not waste her time on mediocrity.

5. She's Picky

If this girl picks you, then understand that you are truly special. She sees most people as undeserving of her time and attention, and you have to really stand out for her to think otherwise. So, if you have found yourself on her good side and want to keep her around, don't start messing around or you will be kicked to the curb before you know what's happening.

6. Don't Waste Her Time

This girl cares about her time. It is one of the reasons she cannot stand most people. She hates having her precious time wasted through drama and other nonsense.

7. She's Not A Downer

Like everyone else, this girl has something special in her. It's just that most people can't see it. And she doesn't waste it on pretenses like most people by trying to look affectionate when they feel different. But for the people she loves, the spark is there for them in all its glory.

8. Don't Be A Joke

Many people are a joke to this girl. Try not to be one of them. She sees them all the time, going about life with little thought of where they are headed. She hates the lot of them.

9. She's Got Insight

When this girl looks around, she can see the potential in the world and how much people are wasting it. She hates that, and it drives her crazy. That's what any normal and caring person would feel upon this realization.

10. Beware Her Power

She knows people can be ruthless, and she is ready for the possibility. She can fight as hard as she can love.

While most people can hate, feel indifferent, love, and feel everything else in between, this girl can either hate or love. So, if she does not like you, she probably dislikes you. And if she loves you, and she says she does, then you can take that to the bank. You are truly loved.