Sharon Stone Says Ex-Boyfriend Dumped Her For Refusing To Get Botox To Preserve Youth

According to recent reports, Sharon Stone has disclosed that she was once dumped by an ex-boyfriend who insisted that she get Botox injections in order to maintain her youthful appearance. Despite her long-standing desire to embrace the natural aging process, the "Basic Instinct" star's former partner had different expectations and preferred a more artificially enhanced look.

What Went Down

1. She recently opened up about the experience in an interview with Vogue

Although it's uncertain by how much, Sharon Stone's ex-boyfriend was reportedly younger than her. However, it is clear that he placed a higher importance on maintaining a youthful appearance than he did on his relationship with Stone. When he broached the topic of Botox with her, Stone recalled telling him, "It would probably do wonders for your ego and mine if I did."

2. After that, their relationship deteriorated

Subsequently, Stone recounted that she met her ex-boyfriend only once after their discussion about Botox, after which he terminated their relationship. She added, "If you can't make time to see me more than that, then please show yourself to the door."

3. For Sharon Stone, Botox was about necessity, not a vain attempt at youth

Following a stroke, Stone revealed that Botox had gone from being a "cute luxury" to a necessity for restoring one side of her face after her health crisis. She stated, "During the height of my fame, there were times when I used Botox and fillers, but then I suffered a massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage, which required over 300 injections of Botox and filler to restore the symmetry of my face."

4. Anyone who dumps sharon stone has a screw loose

Regardless of whether or not she uses Botox, Sharon Stone is undeniably attractive. She embodies strength and independence, refusing to tolerate any nonsense and remaining confident in her identity. There are few things more alluring than that.