Shaquille O'Neal Gave 1,000 Nintendo Switches To Kids In Need On Christmas

Shaquille O'neal Gave 1,000 Nintendo Switches To Kids In Need On Christmas

Shaq is one of the most famous basketball stars in the world today. The popular former athlete also has the reputation of being quite charitable, something he says he learned from his parents, who taught him to help the needy.

This is precisely why many children in need have a lot to be thankful for as they begin the new year. Shaquille donated 1,000 PlayStation 5 consoles and 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles to the kids over Christmas.

He realized that tens of millions of kids were about to go through Christmas without someone giving them a gift, and so he decided to step up and give them a happy holiday.

The former basketballer said he got the consoles through a "friend from Nintendo." Recently, Nintendo realized that there was about to be a shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles in 2022.

Shaq has become a famous media personality.

Despite the shortage of PS5s, Shaq managed to get enough of them despite their high demand during the Christmas season. Some speculate that he got the devices from scalpers selling them on sites like eBay.

Whatever the case, it seems that Shaq went to a lot of trouble to make sure he got his hands on enough of these gaming consoles so that he could gift them to unfortunate kids.

It is genuinely touching that the former athlete would go to such lengths for the sake of these kids.

Meanwhile, Sony hopes that the shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles will be addressed soon. This will be a big year for the console, especially with the introduction of new games.

Additionally, VR 2 may be getting launched later in the year. Gaming fans can only hope that the company can meet the demand for PS5 consoles this year.