Shaq Gives Specially Designed Shoes To 14-Year-Old Boy With Size 23 Feet

Reebok teamed up with the renowned basketball icon Shaquille O'Neal to assist a teenager, who stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 10 inches and possesses unusually large size 23 feet that have broken records.

Earlier this month, the parents of 14-year-old Eric Kilburn Jr made headlines when they shared the difficulties they faced while searching for shoes for their son.

Due to the unavailability of fitting cleats, Kilburn, also known by his nickname "Big E," had to participate as a defensive tackle without appropriate footwear.

The adolescent was only in possession of a single pair of basketball shoes with a size of 22, which his friend located for him in an outlet store.

"I just want shoes," Kilburn said. "There's nothing else behind it. I just need shoes because once I grow out of these, I'll have nothing to wear – no sandals, no crocs, no anything."

However, upon witnessing his predicament, Reebok dispatched five sets of shoes specially customized by Shaq for Kilburn.

In a statement, Reebok said: "Since receiving, Eric's been thrilled to be able to wear these shoes and even shared with us for the first time in years he couldn't believe he even had options on different color ways and styles he could wear."

Despite his ongoing recovery from hip surgery, O'Neal contacted Kilburn via phone to express his solidarity and extend his assistance.

Reebok showcased the quintet of shoes on Twitter, accompanied by the following statement: "We got you. Sending you some of @SHAQ's shoes ASAP!"

One admirer lauded the company for their magnanimous gesture, expressing: "Love this! This is why I continue to admire Reebok… they're a sneaker brand for the people!"

Another commented: "This is why I love Reebok," while a third wrote: "Good guy Reebok."

Reebok was not the sole corporation to acknowledge Kilburn's ordeal - Under Armour also reached out and presented him with customized shoes.

Robb Cropp, the Senior Director of Footwear Development at Under Armour, invited Kilburn and his family to receive a 3D scan of the teenager's feet, which could then be utilized to manufacture customized shoes.

After receiving the shoes, he remarked: "Been worried for so long what I would do if I grew out of [size] 22′s, but Under Armour has come up with a solution.

"It means everything to me, just having shoes that don't cause blisters or just pain on my feet would mean everything. It would mean the world."

At present, he possesses a diverse range of options to pick from.