The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi, The Reincarnation Girl

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi, The Reincarnation Girl

The heroine of this story is a Hindu girl named Kumari Shanti Devi, born in 1926. As a little girl, she confided in her father, "Daddy, I remember living in the Indian town of Mathura as the wife of a cloth dealer. I gave birth to a son, and came to life at his birth. "

Believing in reincarnation was not extraordinary for little Shanti Devi's father. For Indians, the idea that their souls had a different physical form many times before their present life is a matter of course. Also, more and more people in the Western Hemisphere, with the possible exception of radical materialists and hardened atheists, believe that their souls already existed in the heavenly or spiritual world before entering earthly beings and we're part of the universal divine consciousness.

Shanti Wanted To See Her Son

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi: The Reincarnation Girl

Little Shanti Devi's father listened for a long time to her memories of how she had lived before. She still described the city of Mathura and the conditions that prevailed in it. He also had to hear many pleas from his daughter to allow her to visit her former relatives. Eventually, he softened and promised to go with her to the city she remembered. She longed more and more to see her son, whose birth was fatal for her. She was convinced that the son was still alive.

Before the planned trip, one of her relatives went to look at the situation. He found that many of the people Shanti Devi spoke of actually lived in Mathura, including a man whom she called her husband at the time.

Shanti Devi's father decided to write to him. In the letter, he explained everything and asked the "ex-husband" for his opinion on his daughter's story. In the meantime, they managed to find this man's brother in Delhi, to whom they also described the whole thing. He immediately came to get to know Shanti Devi personally.

She immediately recognized her former brother-in-law in him, and they talked for a long time. Shanti knew everything down to the smallest detail about their private family affairs. Moreover, she knew perfectly well facts she could not find anywhere at such a young age. In the end, the man was convinced that he was talking to his brother's wife.

Shanti Devi Also Knew An Intimate Secret

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi, The Reincarnation Girl

After this meeting, the father finally decided to take a trip to Mathura with his daughter. Shanti Devi found a man there among the many, whom she described to her father as her former husband at home. According to an old Hindu custom, she knelt before him as a sign that she recognized him as her husband. Then she was introduced to a young man who was supposed to be her son.

Of course, she didn't remember him. He was several months older than she was at the time. The former husband subjected Shanti Devi to a thorough "interrogation." He asked many details and was very surprised that her answers were accurate, even when it came to the most intimate matters of their life together. Shanti Devi offered to live with him as his wife, which was understandably impossible - she was too young.

Is Shanti Devi The Proof Of Reincarnation?

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi: The Reincarnation Girl

The matter has aroused great public interest. Journalists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and people involved in religion and mysticism have come to Mathura worldwide. Everyone wanted to study this exciting phenomenon on the spot. Hindus and Buddhists, in particular, were convinced that the girl Kumari Shanti Devi was telling the truth and that everything was as she described it. Journalists and some scientists were also convinced of the truth of her words. Even Mahatma Gandhi met her in person. The integrity of her story led him to order a review of the case.

Indian scientists saw this phenomenon as an opportunity to prove the existence of reincarnation. One of the enthusiastic reporters present in Mathura was the then Tokyo journalist Alfred E. Pieres. Many newspapers have taken over his unbiased news.

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi, The Reincarnation Girl

From news coming from all over the world, we can say that the number of cases where someone remembers the serious events of their earlier life is constantly increasing. The publicity of these things is continuously growing. However, the growing interest of journalists to write about these issues is not the effort to improve their credibility. Newspapers want to offer their readers a sensation.

The authors of reports on this topic, and, after all, books, still underestimate reincarnation. Although many journalists, mainly from Western Europe, do not believe similar stories, they still publish their extensive and fantastic narratives. They say this type of news is attractive and contributes to the actuality of newspapers and magazines.

Discussions Continue

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi: The Reincarnation Girl

Contrary to the traditions of Western thought, there is the view of those who believe that human consciousness is undergoing, according to all indications, a process of development, with memories of times long past being reawakened in each succeeding generation. One British scholar many years ago said that the great discoveries of the twentieth century were mainly based on spiritual and occult grounds. But let's be specific.

Alexis Carrel, an American scientist, and surgeon confirmed telepathic and other metaphysical phenomena in Man, The Unknown. The ability to penetrate as deeply as possible into the realm of hitherto unexplained laws and principles is attributed to the ever-evolving and advancing human consciousness. Here again, we can quote from one internal material of the Rosicrucians, in which the phenomenon of the Shanti Devi girl is viewed from different angles.

How Long Before We Are Born Again?

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi: The Reincarnation Girl

Another point that often appears in discussions about reincarnation, which has become the focus of the problem, is the time interval between the individual incarnations. It is proposed in the books that the period between two births is on average 144 years. This means that each of us will be reborn somewhere on Earth or somewhere in space in 144 years. The case of this Hindu girl and some other cases show that this law of probability does not apply without exception.

Kumari Shanti Devi's earlier life ended when her son was born, and after only a few months, she saw the light of this world again in her current figure. At the time of her transformation, she was a woman at the peak of her age, so the period between her births could in no way be 144 years.

However, to the question of whether this may be an exception, we must remain indebted. Yet, exceptions are possible even in the case of the so-called cosmic laws. For example, scientists, like the metaphysicists, are faced with the tangled question of why many physical bodies are born deformed. We do not mean cases where the fetus in the mother's body has been damaged by disease or external action.

The Incredible Story Of Shanti Devi: The Reincarnation Girl

Our only means of uncovering and explaining these "mysteries" is to observe what we encounter in everyday life carefully. As we have mentioned, the Rosicrucian writings state that the period between two births is 144 years. For Shanti Devi, this period was only a few months. Could her case be one of the numerous exceptions to the rules, which, after all, we establish only based on facts observed from nature?

Maybe these are the laws of the universe that we have not yet explored if we can explore them at all.

Shanti Devi passed away in 1987, and she never married.