Shannon Elizabeth Says "There'd Be A Problem" If American Pie Came Out Nowadays

The actress from American Pie said that a controversial scene in the teen movie would present an issue if it were released today.

Page Six interviewed Shannon Elizabeth, the actress who portrayed Nadia in the 1999 comedy film. She made the statement during the interview.

The scene in question features the male leads of the film secretly filming foreign exchange student Nadia as she changes in her bedroom, which Shannon Elizabeth was referring to.

Sadly, the video catches Nadia pleasuring herself, which is broadcast throughout the school.

Following the video's dissemination, Nadia is sent back to the Czech Republic, whereas the boys who filmed and distributed it received no reprimand.

When considering the scene, Elizabeth remarked: "If this had come out after the #MeToo movement, there would definitely be a problem. I think that it would have gone down differently."

According to reports, filming the scene was uncomfortable for the actress, given her relative inexperience in the film industry at the time.

Elizabeth said: "It was a closed set and it was just me in this room and the boom guy above me.

"I was like, 'This is so weird.' It was a square room they had built in the middle of a warehouse and we made everyone that didn't need to be there leave set."

"That's the main thing I remember, just me and the boom guy, and trying to make jokes with the directors and make light of it because if I wasn't nervous maybe they wouldn't be so nervous… I just tried to make it no big deal."

Elizabeth not only shared her reflections on the notorious scene but also expressed her dissatisfaction with the accent she employed in the film.

As she was requested to dub her lines in the movie, Elizabeth became increasingly dissatisfied since she believed that she could not properly master the Eastern European accent.

The experience was allegedly so unpleasant that she advised her acquaintances against watching the comedy film.

Elizabeth said: "I told all my friends, 'This movie's gonna suck' 'cause they messed with my accent so much! I was like, 'No, they're ruining it, don't watch it'."

"A lot of people did say my accent was terrible and I'm like, 'Yeah, 'cause they messed with it - they didn't let me do what I wanted to do.'"

American Pie has had three sequels following its debut in 1999, which were released in 2001, 2003, and 2012.