Shady Cops Caught On Body Cam Stealing Items Worth $10,000

A viral video has surfaced, which was accidentally recorded by a body cam, depicting three police officers shamelessly stealing from a house while one of them detains the homeowner downstairs.

According to reports, all three individuals had their licenses as police officers suspended in December 2021, rendering them ineligible to serve in any law enforcement position again.

Reportedly, three police officers were charged with theft following a shameful incident in which a routine eviction search was conducted.

KETK reported that a landlord in Tyler, Texas sought the assistance of authorities to carry out an eviction of a tenant. Constable Curtis Harris and his two deputies, LaQuenda Banks and Derrick Holman, responded to the call and arrived at the property.

While the search was intended to be the initial stage in handing over the keys, an unintended error on the part of Chief Deputy Banks resulted in the officers being on the wrong side of the law that day.

A Twitter user with the handle @Imposter_Edits shared bodycam footage that captured Deputy Banks inadvertently recording the three officers stealing items from the house.

The recording starts with Deputy Banks searching the bathroom and placing items in her shirt, which can be seen in the mirror's reflection. Banks can be heard saying, "I cut it off," followed by the accidental activation of her body camera. As the officers proceed through the residence, they continue to rummage through the belongings.

As she takes the designer sunglasses out of their case, Banks comments, "Oh, Raybans." Banks then tells someone, "Hold on, don't come down here." While they are not visible on the camera, it is later revealed that the individual is the homeowner.

Sergeant Holman detains the landlord in a different area of the house while his colleagues continue to sift through the possessions.

On the upper level, Harris and Banks carry on searching through the closet. Harris hands Banks a watch display case, and she opens a pocket on her shirt, placing four watches inside. Harris can be heard instructing her to "Take that s**t."

Afterward, Banks proceeds to cram .22-caliber ammunition and an Apple iPod box into her uniform shirt.

The officers continue their search, hastily opening purses and wallets, and greedily removing money.

At a certain point in the video, Banks can be seen giving Harris a wallet containing money, and she remarks, "Some more money."

Following the landlord's demand to see what the officers are doing and mention of involving a lawyer, the duo exits the bedroom.

In an attempt to rationalize the extensive search, Harris and Banks inform the woman that they discovered "cocaine, marijuana, and paraphernalia" and request her to wait outside while they complete their search of the house.

The footage captures Banks, Harris, and Holman leaving the residence and returning to their police vehicle, where they unload all the items they had taken.

According to KETK, court documents indicate that Holman closely examines Banks' bodycam and asks: "What you got?" Banks replies, "Some s**t he had me put in my pocket."

Upon opening his driver's side door, Holman asked Banks, "Where's the cash at?" Banks replied, "Oh, he got that," in an apparent reference to Harris.

A week later, the person who had been renting the property filed a theft report with the Tyler police.

The items in question comprised Chanel perfume, Airpods, two iPhone 12s, two Macbooks, $3,000 cash, and several other items, totaling more than $10,000.

Charges of property theft between $750 and $2,500, abuse of official capacity, and official oppression were levied against Harris, Banks, and Holman.

Theft charge is a state jail felony and carries a maximum punishment of two years in prison.

As per CBS 19, the licenses of the three police officers were suspended in Dec. 2021, making them ineligible to hold any law enforcement positions again.