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Sexy Vegan, Memorable Dr. Phil's Guest Accused Of Beastiality

"sexy Vegan," Accused Of Beastility, Is Running For Us President In 2024

Sexy Vegan, and yes, that is the man's legal name now, gained attention after being thrown out from Dr. Phil's show two times. The self-proclaimed Vegan Messiah has since lost his dogs after posting a disturbing video.

It appears that Sexy Vegan had other plans, as he announced he would be running for president in 2020. It looks like Joe Biden beat him to it.

But, who is this odd guy?

Sexy Vegan was born Hansel Marion DeBartolo III

"sexy Vegan," Accused Of Beastility, Is Running For Us President In 2024

Speedo-loving eccentric animal lover (and this time, no pun intended) was born to a wealthy Illinois family. His father was a famous plastic surgeon, and while his siblings pursued becoming doctors, Sexy Vegan was more into arts.

Born in 1982, Hansel, who later legally changed his name to Sexy Vegan, gained worldwide popularity in 2017 after appearing on Dr. Phil's show.

He was kicked out for foul language, but not before claiming he was a Vegan Messiah, leaving people speechless.

But, way before he's gone viral, Hansel Marion DeBartolo III faced a series of issues. His troubles escalated on September 5, 2019, after Santa Clarita Valley officers found the video of him performing an act of bestiality.

Before this incident, Sexy Vegan claims he was into drugs after he finally stopped in 2011. He became vegan in 2012 and stopped drinking and smoking in 2013.

Before the bestiality accusations, he was promising freedom for everyone, including hundreds of thousands of animals.

It is only fair to say that Sexy Vegan's life so far was challenging.

Sexy Vegan's parents

"sexy Vegan," Accused Of Beastility, Is Running For Us President In 2024

Dr. DeBartolo worked as a surgeon for 36 years and was also a part-owner of the Chicago White Sox. The part Italian doctor was by all accounts a good father, as his four other children proved. He passed away in 2014, and long after his fifth child, Sexy Vegan started his journey to stardom.

Hansel's childhood was highly privileged, and he insisted on pursuing acting. He appeared in the 2007 independent film The Minx.

He released a 28 track acapella album titled Ending World Suffering The Fun Way.

When Chris Brown reposted his video of him shaking his bum and singing his song Skinny With A Big Butt, Sexy Vegan went viral.

It was a big surprise to discover that he was worth millions and had four siblings, all with successful careers. In Dr. Phil's episode, he claimed his mother Susan owed him millions from his father's estate. He said:

"My mom hates me because I look like my deceased dad. This is revenge towards my dad because she found out he cheated on her. And she uses his money to have power over me because she didn't have the power over him."

However, both his mother and his sister explained that Sexy Vegan is far-fetching the trust, to put it mildly. His mom stated:

"Sexy Vegan thinks that he was the favorite son and that when his dad passed away, he should get all the money."

And his sister, Raquel, claimed:

"He even used my mom's credit card to spend $3,000 to contest the will."

Challenging Dr. Phil

"sexy Vegan," Accused Of Beastility, Is Running For Us President In 2024

Speaking of challenges, Dr. Phil had a series of fascinating, even bizarre guests on his show, including a woman claiming she was pregnant with Jesus' baby.

Despite many unorthodox guests, Sexy Vegan has to be among the strangest.

A year before Vegan's appearance, he moved to California and legally changed his name. Then he started posting various, mostly semi-nude videos and started stalking celebrities. He made sure they knew they were talking to him, as he had his name tattooed over his face.

A year later, Dr. Phil's episode titled "My Brother Changed His Name to 'Sexy Vegan,' Wears Speedos in Public and is Spending My Mom's $11 Million Inheritance!" came up, and the man became one of the most infamous people on the planet.

The episode featured his mother and sister, who were in distress, explaining that they had been having troubles with Hansel for a long time. He was arrested over 15 times, proving he was unwilling to change his ways after moonwalking and swearing during the show.

Sexy Vegan went back to Dr. Phil a year later. He was still a speedo-loving celebrity stalker who carried mirrors wherever he went.

The police get involved

After "accidentally" posting then deleting a morbid video of his pitbull licking peanut butter from his rear end area, Sexy Vegan lost his two dogs.

The police took the Vegan to jail, and he was sentenced to two years probation, 100 hours of community service, and to complete a 52-week sex offender program.

Newhall resident was again in hot water in 2020 after allegedly being arrested on felony charges of animal cruelty involving a rabbit. Additionally, he violated his terms of probation.

There are no further updates, as the pandemic took over, and it appears that the case is not on anyone's radar.

One thing's never changed: Sexy Vegan's platform is all about normalizing nudity and freeing the animals.

So, what will his next move be?

Sexy Vegan in 2021

"sexy Vegan," Accused Of Beastility, Is Running For Us President In 2024

From jumping on cars barely dressed to wearing his mirrors everywhere, and finally being arrested for sexual abuse of a dog, there is nothing Sexy Vegan won't do to maintain his celebrity, or rather infamy.

In September 2021, he released his fifth album and is not changing his behavior, despite all that happened in the past few years. With million Instagram followers, he is still parading in his underwear, showing his behind, and though it all started as a statement against animal cruelty, we came a long way. And not in a good way.

He is proud that he once scored the highest score in Hot or Not history, which seems to be a rare accomplishment between jail, plea deals, and public indecency. Additionally, he sees his appearance on Dr. Phil as the most iconic moment on the show, though we wouldn't call it an accomplishment.

Though Sexy Vegan was briefly engaged to a vegan woman he met online, his dating life is the only private thing about him.

The rest is well documented on social media platforms and in court records. One question remains: Is Sexy Vegan so fame-hungry that we will do anything to be in the spotlight? Or is he a victim of mental disorders not getting proper help?