Sexy Texts That Will Turn Him On And Make Him Want You

Sexy Texts That Will Turn Him On And Make Him Want You

It's not always possible to be with the person you're dating or have a crush on whenever you're feeling horny. However, building anticipation for the next time you see each other can be fun and exciting. Try sending some sexy texts to get them excited for your next encounter.

1. "I've Never Come Like I Did Last Night"

This text message is a flirty way to let your partner know how much you enjoyed being intimate with them. However, it should not be sent if the experience was not mutually satisfying or if your partner fell asleep immediately afterward. If the time you spent together was truly amazing, your partner will appreciate the compliment and may want to repeat the experience.

2. "I Miss Your Hands All Over Me"

Men often enjoy feeling like they please their partner, so telling them that you're thinking about them and longing for their touch can be a huge turn-on. It can also boost their ego and make them feel desired.

3. "I Had The Hottest Dream About You Last Night"

While it's generally not a good idea to lie, telling your partner that you dreamed about them can be a sexy and flattering way to get their attention. Most people will be pleased to know that they were on your mind while you were asleep and may be eager to join you in bed.

4. "I'm Just Laying In Bed And I Can't Stop Thinking About You"

If you're thinking about a guy while you're in bed, you may be having some naughty thoughts about them. Sharing these thoughts with them through text can lead to some intense, sexy conversations. Be prepared for this possibility.

5. "I Have A Surprise For You Later – I Think You'll Like It"

Try to be creative with your surprises and avoid something generic like chips or clean laundry. While it's okay to give your partner some hints, try not to give too much away so they can continue to wonder and speculate about what you have planned. This can be exciting and help to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

6. "I Wish I Wasn't [whatever You're Doing] – I 'd Rather Be F**ing You"

Sending a bold, suggestive message can be empowering and can turn your partner on. Just make sure they are in a private place where they can take care of themselves if necessary.

7. "You're Not Going To Be Able To Move After I'm Done With You Tonight"

This text message is a bold suggestion for a passionate and wild encounter with your partner. It's important to be prepared to follow through on this promise and possibly try something new and exciting. Consider taking the lead and being adventurous in the bedroom.

8. "Ugh, I'm So Horny…"

Men can be straightforward and simple creatures. Telling them that you want to have sex with them can be a huge turn-on and can have a significant effect on them. It's a clear and direct message that shows your desire for them.

9. "I Just Came So Hard Thinking About You While I Got Myself Off."

This text message is a confident and empowering way to let your partner know that you are comfortable and in tune with your own pleasure. It also implies that your partner was on your mind while you were experiencing pleasure, which can be a flattering and enticing thought for them. Whether or not this was actually the case, this message is sure to be well received.

10. "I'm Not Wearing Underwear…"

This message is sexy because it's suggestive. It implies that you're not wearing underwear, which can be alluring to your partner. Even if the real reason you're not wearing underwear has nothing to do with trying to turn them on, they'll still likely be intrigued and turned on by the thought.