Sexy Goodnight: 50+ Ways To Wish Your Special Someone A Good Night

Sexy Goodnight: 50+ Ways To Wish Your Special Someone A Good Night

Can you think of anything better than receiving a sexy goodnight text from the love of your life? After all, what's better than having the person who means the world to you think of you as they go to sleep?

Admit it: having your partner think of you as they go to bed is one of the most romantic things ever.

Good night texts are really sweet, and they make your partner feel special. But with time, saying "goodnight" before putting the phone away and rolling to sleep can seem routine.


That can obviously kill the excitement in your romance and make your good night wishes seem meaningless.

So, you should make an effort to make your goodnight messages a little sexier, and I'm here to help. Sending sexy goodnight texts is much easier than you think.

For starters, all it takes is a little effort on your part. You should learn to make the message personal and touching, so your partner can remember it and sleep while thinking about you.


The important thing is that the message comes from the heart, so it doesn't seem generic and common. But what matters the most is that the message makes the person wish they were right beside you as they sleep wherever they are.

But a little inspiration can go a long way in helping you send the most powerful goodnight text, and that's what we are here for.

These texts work for your spouse, your crush, and any special someone you have in your life.


Sweet And Sexy Goodnight Messages

1. I'm in bed over here, and you are in bed over there… one of us is in the wrong place.

2. I sleep so much better after you have done naughty things to me. I wish you were here.

3. Just wanted to let you know I'm sleeping naked. Good night.

4. Hey honey. I just want you to know you are the last thing on my mind as I go to sleep tonight.


5. I wish you were here with me tonight. I miss you so much.

6. I feel really adventurous tonight. If only you were here.

7. You better get a good night's sleep because I have big and naughty plans for you tomorrow.

8. Would you like to see what I am wearing to bed?

9. Goodnight sweetie. I hope you have sweet and sexy dreams about me.

10. I think about all the positions we could have tried before going to sleep if you were here tonight.


11. You have no idea how turned on I am right now just thinking about you.

12. Just wanted to say goodnight to the sexiest girl I've ever met.

13. Let's agree on something. If any of us has a sexual dream tonight, we get to act it out the next time we meet.

14. I want you so badly right now. So bad that all I can say is goodnight.

15. My wish is that you were here beside me tonight… naked.


16. I remember some of the things we have done together, and I wonder if I will get to sleep tonight.

Romantic Goodnight Texts

1. You are the sweetest thing ever. I love you, good night.

2. I love you, I love you, I love you.

3. My one wish is that you were here beside me as I sleep, and right by my side when I get up in the morning.


4. Today has been a crazy day. It has been hectic and insane, and I wish so much I could have seen you.

5. I've spent the last few minutes trying to count all the reasons I love you. There were just too many, and I'll have to sleep and continue tomorrow. Goodnight.

6. Spending time with you was my idea of perfection.

7. You mean the world to me, sweet dreams.

8. Can't sleep uh? Me either. Seems like we can't sleep together.


9. Before I sleep, I just want to say I love you.

10. Dream big beautiful, have an amazing night.

11. The only thing I wish right now is that you were beside me as I sleep, but having you on my mind comes pretty close.

12. What do you think I will dream about?

13. Goodnight gorgeous.

14. Hey, I love you. Goodnight.

Super Sexy Good Night Texts

1. I have a feeling I will dream of you tonight.


2. It's so cold in here. I wish you were here to keep me warm.

3. I'm naked under my dress and I'm thinking of you. If you were here, I would kiss and caress you.

4. My hands are for touching you, my arms to protect you, my eyes to contemplate you, my body to warm you up, and my heart to love you.

5. As I drift to sleep, I wanted you to know I miss you so much.

6. Falling asleep without you is like waking up without coffee.


7. It's dark, and I am all alone in my room. My hand caresses my breasts as I think about you. Goodnight my love.

Flirty Goodnight Texts

1. I will definitely be dreaming about you tonight.

2. Sweet dreams, my love.

3. My bed is a lot more comfortable with you beside me, and the sleep so much sweeter.


4. I really wish this pillow was your chest.

5. If I keep dreaming about you, I will never sleep.

6. Go to bed and think of all the naughty things you will do to me when we see each other next time.

7. I wish I was wrapping my body around you and not this pillow.

8. I hope I will be in your dreams tonight.

9. I'm wearing the cutest nightdress tonight. I wish you were here to rip it off me.


10. Did I tell you that I sleep naked? Good night.

Funny Sexy Goodnight Texts

1. Goodnight baby. You better be dreaming about me.

2. I was almost asleep then I started thinking about you. So, thank you for ruining my sleep.

3. Goodnight sweetie. Don't let the bedbugs bite. Although I'm pretty confident I saw one in your house earlier.


4. As you touch yourself, think of me tonight.

5. I just brushed my teeth before jumping into bed. I just realized that toothbrushes make for some great deep throating practice.

6. I love my bed. But I love you more.

7. You are sweeter than a midnight snack. Good night.

8. It's totally okay with me if you send a nude as your goodnight text.

9. As I go to bed, I wish I could be giving you a lap dance.


10. I'm pretending my pillow was you.

11. However sweet your dreams are, they will never be as sweet me. Goodnight.

12. You are my human radiator, I wish I was snuggling up to you tonight.

There are a few things better than sleeping with a smile on your face because of the sweet text you received from your lover. And if you want more of this in your relationship, then learning a thing or two about sending sexy goodnight messages can really help.


Also, remember that some bit of practice might help. Don't expect to become a pro at sending raunchy goodnight texts overnight.

That said, some of the above sexy goodnight texts can be used as they are and still get your partner quite excited. So, you have that option even as you work on your texting creativity.

And as you work on sending sexy goodnight messages, you could also spare some thought to sending the best good morning texts to the love of your life.