Sexually Frustrated Zodiac Signs

Sexually Frustrated Zodiac Signs

The deep mysteries the stars have to reveal about us include insights into our sexual personalities. So, let's look at the most sexually frustrated zodiac signs in existence, according to experts.

As embarrassing as it sounds, sexual frustration is very real. While some people are so happy with their love lives, others are walking around wondering how they can catch a break and get some sexual release.

So, here are the most sexually frustrated zodiac signs, according to experts, and some tips on how they can turn their fortunes around.

1. Gemini –Too Picky And Detached

sexually frustrated zodiac signs

Your problem is that you are too picky. You are not the most boring zodiac sign in bed, but your selectivity denies you lots of promising sexual encounters.


Geminis want people they can be loyal to before they really let go. But to the person they choose, they do plenty to ensure sexual satisfaction. They can even fake emotions to make you feel good because they want you to be satisfied with their performance.

The greatest issue with Geminis, even when in relationships, is that they don't exactly open up about their sexual desires. So, you will never know how to satisfy them, and yet they will continue to show you they are happy with the love life you have.

That's a perfect recipe for sexual frustration.

In fact, as a Gemini, you can get so sexually frustrated it hurts. What happens when you are sexually frustrated is that you will have a general dissatisfaction with your life or even relationship.

Partners of sexually frustrated Geminis can also get sexually frustrated, especially those who like their sex deep and emotional. That's because Geminis are likely to drift off and think about other things when they should be enjoying themselves and their partners.

To turn things around, you can open up more during sex and express your desires more clearly to your partner so they can satisfy your needs. While at it, you can also try to be less picky about your partners.


2. Cancer – Off-Putting Chatter

sexually frustrated zodiac signs

You talk too much and want to say everything. That's a problem because not everything should be expressed explicitly. A Cancer will ask far too many questions and would rather get your responses than get busy and have fun.

To a Cancer, talking about sex is often more satisfying than the actual act. Obviously, few people see that as a satisfying sexual move, which means Cancers get few people to indulge their sexual desires.

Needless to say, being a partner to this kind of person can leave you pretty frustrated sexually as well.

So, Cancers, if you can tone down the chatter and focus more on the act itself, you would get a lot more satisfaction in bed, and so would your partner.


Alternatively, if your partner takes charge, you are likely not to overdo the chatting. That way, the talk can be reduced to a minimum and you can focus on enjoying yourselves.

3. Scorpio – Withholding Love

sexually frustrated zodiac signs

Scorpios have one problem. They know how to withhold love, not only from themselves but from their partners as well. Even if you give all your love to a Scorpio, you will most likely get nothing back, which can be quite frustrating.

You can even give a Scorpio all your love and they will either give you nothing in return or give their affection to someone else. That means there might be plenty of sexual frustration to go around when a Scorpio was involved.

Scorpios starve themselves of physical affection, and that often turns into full-blown sexual frustration.


If you are dating a Scorpio, then you can try to be a little nurturing to help them have a better appreciation for themselves. That would make them more willing to enjoy themselves and their partners.

In conclusion, if you are not on this list, it doesn't mean you are perfect. We all have sexual strengths and weaknesses.

While some zodiac signs are more sexually active, others have the most stamina. Other astrological signs are freaks, and the above are more sexually frustrated.

So, how can you tell you are sexually frustrated?

It's easy. You can tell you are sexually frustrated when your sexual encounters leave you unfulfilled, or your desire for physical release is not usually met.

In fact, you may be among the zodiac signs with the biggest sex drive. But if you don't find a useful outlet for these passions, you will suffer from sexual frustration.

But these are the most sexually frustrated zodiac signs and some tips on what to do when sexually frustrated in the marriage, in any other relationship, or as a single person.