Sexual Questions To Ask A Guy To Find Out What He Is Like In Bed

Obtaining knowledge of your partner's sexual preferences can drastically enhance your sexual experience, but such information is not always forthcoming. To uncover your partner's pleasure zones, turn-offs, kinky fantasies, and what turns them on, you must be willing to communicate and extract those answers from them. These sexy questions can help you get to know your man on a more intimate level, whether you're in a new relationship that's starting to heat up or you've been undressing each other for a while.


1. What Are Your Favorite Positions?

Although a simple query, asking a guy about his preferred sexual style can provide valuable insights into his character. For instance, if he enjoys the doggy position, he might have a fixation on buttocks and find pleasure in admiring your body's curvature as he rocks your world. Conversely, a man who favors the missionary position could be inexperienced, not interested in trying new things, or value the intimacy it brings. If he offers a non-traditional response or claims to have no favorite, it might indicate that he's more adventurous than the average guy.


2. What Makes Sex Great For You?

For some men, their sexual gratification is only complete when their partner is having an incredible time and experiencing lots of pleasure and orgasms. Some men need dirty talk and degradation to get their engine running, while others require substantial amounts of foreplay and affectionate aftercare before they can consider an intimate session as epic.


3. How Would You Rate How Much You Love Giving And Receiving Oral Sex?

If a man prioritizes receiving oral sex over giving it or shows complete disinterest in reciprocating, he may not be the best partner to keep around. Such a lover could be selfish and believe that certain acts of pleasure are not worthy of you or that giving pleasure would somehow degrade or disgust him. In contrast, if he enjoys giving as much or even more than receiving, it's time to put him to the test to see if he's a keeper.


4. What's The Naughtiest/Kinkiest Thing You've Done In Bed?

Asking a guy about his sexual experiences can provide valuable insights into his level of adventure in the bedroom. You may be surprised by some of the things he shares, giving you fresh ideas to try together. The most important thing is to avoid being judgmental, no matter how "out there" his answers are. This is one of the best questions to ask a guy if you want to add some heat to your conversation.


5. Do You Ever Use Sex Toys During Sex?

Incorporating sex toys into your sex life can take good sex to the next level. However, some men see them as competition or enemies and are unwilling to consider them in their sexual equation. Such men may be repressed and selfish. However, a man who is not intimidated by toys and excited to use them to enhance your pleasure is likely to be more committed to your satisfaction than the average guy. He may also be a lot of fun in bed.


6. How Do You Feel About Using Lube?

Men who lack experience or confidence in their masculinity and sexual ability may claim that they don't need lubricant during sex, preferring an "all-natural" approach. However, men who are familiar with women's bodies understand that using lube can enhance pleasure and make sex more enjoyable for both partners.

7. Are You More Submissive Or Dominant During Sex?

A man who enjoys being dominant in bed is likely someone who enjoys taking charge and controlling the pace of sexual encounters. Conversely, a man who prefers to be submissive is someone who enjoys relinquishing control and allowing his partner to take the lead. This type of man is often receptive to direction and enjoys when his partner initiates and gives instructions during sex.


8. What's A Kinky Fantasy You Have?

A man's sexual fantasies can reveal a lot about his personality and sexual preferences. Fantasies can provide insight into how adventurous, naughty, or vanilla a man is. While you don't need to share his fantasies, knowing about them can help you discover new ideas or find common ground to explore together. Although some men may be hesitant to answer this type of sexual question at first, their responses can be enlightening.


9. What's Your Go-To Move During Foreplay?

Observe his nonverbal cues, response time, and the clarity of his answer. If he's not particularly interested in foreplay, he may avoid confessing and instead improvise a response. He might also provide an ambiguous answer without much detail. On the other hand, a man who relishes foreplay and derives pleasure from it will eagerly elaborate on the techniques he employs to arouse his partners.


10. Which Parts Of Your Body Do You Like To Have Touched Or Kissed?

As each person's body is unique, there may be certain sensitive areas that excite him more than others. It's possible that his nipples are extremely sensitive or he enjoys small kisses on his back. Armed with this knowledge, you can enhance the pleasure in your next encounter.