'Sex With Kate Winslet Was The Best Gift I Could Have Asked For', Says Saoirse Ronan

‘sex with kate winslet was the best gift i could have asked for’, says saoirse ronan

Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet got together for a new movie, Ammonite, and the intimate on-screen moment between her and the Titanic star is apparently "the best gift she could have asked for." Saoirse was quite eager and excited to unwrap her special birthday present – Kate Winslet.

Here is a trailer to the keenly awaited film, with a taste of the intimate romantic moment between the two Hollywood stars.

Kate went to the trouble of arranging this birthday present for her friend and co-star as she was turning 25. She had the director change the shooting schedule so the two women could enjoy their romantic on-set passion on her co-star's birthday.

According to Saoirse, the experience "was the greatest present I could have asked for." Previously, Saoirse has starred in Little Women, Brooklyn, and Atonement.

It Was A Wonderful Experience

'sex with kate winslet was the best gift i could have asked for', says saoirse ronan

Saoirse was quite satisfied with the encounter, and liked how the passionate scene went down.

"I had a wonderful time. I've never done a sex scene so intense and full-on before. But to be able to do that with her… I did feel very safe, like we could go anywhere with it."

"I am very appreciative she scheduled it for my birthday. It also gave us the excuse to have a couple of glasses of Prosecco before we got into it."

According to Kate, who is now 45, the chemistry the two co-stars share goes beyond what people can see on their screens. As it turns out, the two "totally adored each other."

Kate admitted that the scene was quite eye-opening since she always played the submissive partner when filming love scenes with men.

"To be in a situation with Saoirse where it was utterly equal, it made me feel kind of angry at how that hasn't occurred to me before. Why shouldn't I have felt equal to my male counterparts? That's the way society is, and now we have to make a noise about it."

'sex with kate winslet was the best gift i could have asked for', says saoirse ronan

It was not just Kate who found the moment life-changing. Saoirse also considered the whole experience a great opportunity to explore their bubbling intimacy:

"It felt kind of true and right. The gay women I know say there's an intimacy you can experience with another woman and that's what I paralleled."

'sex with kate winslet was the best gift i could have asked for', says saoirse ronan

A lot of this had something to do with the fact that the director, Francis Lee, allowed the two to use their imagination while filming the scene.

Ammonite Will Be Released In March

Ammonite is due for release on March 26, and it looks at a make-believe romance between a popular fossil hunter, Mary Anning (Kate), and Charlotte Murchison (Saoirse). Charlotte had just lost her baby.

In real life, the two women are very close friends.

Ammonites are sea creatures believed to have originated about 400 million years ago, and their fossils can be found on the shorelines.

The film marks the next step for Saoirse, who is currently the youngest actress to earn four Oscar nominations. She has had nominations for Brooklyn, Lady Bird, Little Women, and Atonement.

She is the daughter of a construction worker and an Irish nanny, and she was born in Bronx, New York.

'sex with kate winslet was the best gift i could have asked for', says saoirse ronan

At the age of three, she moved with her family to Dublin and grew up in South East Ireland. At the age of nine, she debuted when she appeared in an Irish TV series, The Clinic.

Saoirse was home schooled, and Atonement managed to make her a Hollywood star at only 13.

The rising star admits to never feeling young. She explains that her teenage years were spent on film sets because she worked a lot.

No Time For Teenage Fun, But Lots Of Reward To Show For The Sacrifice

Being always in front of cameras made it difficult for her to "belong to something" like other teenagers since she couldn't do anything else such as going out and meeting with other people.

However, her dedication to the film industry has helped her amass a wealth of about £7 million.

In Irish, Saoirse means "freedom", and the name is pronounced as 'Ser-sha'.

Shooting Ammonite was quite a challenge for her, as she had to learn how to play the piano and sew. The dressing requirements of an introspective Victorian woman were not easy for her either.

She explained that she found the clothes "very restraining."

Kate had to try a little hard to fit into her role as a fossil hunter as well. She had to put aside her enthusiastic persona and depict a quiet paleontologist.

The Titanic star admitted that this did not come naturally to her, as she had to learn to communicate using quiet looks and glances as opposed to physical gestures.

Strangely, Saoirse admitted that she felt most alive when filming fossil-hunting scenes in the cold waves of Lyme Regis. She had a wetsuit beneath her Victorian gown.

Apparently, cold water does not bother her:

"I love cold water and grew up next to the River Slaney, which is where I learned to swim… It's actually the perfect hangover cure as well."

She was also very impressed at how willing Kate was to brace the cold sea waves:

"She's ready to do everything for the job."

Apparently, Kate was ready to go to any lengths to ensure they had a perfect shot, even if that meant being cold and wet in the rain for as long as necessary.

Saoirse Is A Proud Kate Winslet Fan

In Lady Bird, Saoirse had Timothee Chalamet for a co-star. He was also with her on Little Women, and their chemistry created rumors of a real-life romance.

According to Saoirse, the actor keeps her on her toes as she is never sure what he will do next. However, she does admit that they share a very natural rapport with each other.

However, she has been dating Jack Lowden, 30, who once took on the role of her husband in the 2018 movie, Mary Queen of Scots.

She also appreciates that she and Timothee are recognized as the Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio of the millennial generation:

According to Saoirse, "it's great to be compared to them… I just hope I am similar to Kate."

However, she says that she would have handled the iconic floating door scene differently:

"I would say if Timmy and I were shipwrecked in the ocean and I was floating on a door hoping to be rescued, I would let Timmy come up on the door. I would not let him sink to the bottom of the ocean, like Kate's Rose did with Jack. That's the only difference, I would say – I'm less selfish than Rose was."

No wonder Saoirse often comes off as Kate Winslet's number one fan. She totally adores the legendary actor.