Sex Toys Built To Delight Everyone Who Is "Working" From Home

Sex Toys Built To Delight Everyone Who Is “working” From Home

Leave the desk behind! Here are ten little ways to really live that staycation energy.

As COVID-19 work from home restrictions, social distancing measures, and shelter-in-place guidelines wear on into seemingly Infinitum, you're gonna need to find some ways to ditch the stress and build a little bit of paradise time into your home routine. Or should we say, Paradis, as in Ella Paradis? Because this online sex toy company has everything, you need to make the most of your needed me time.

1. The Blowfish By Better Love

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

Don't let the size of this little babe dissuade you. Housed inside this handheld cutie is two (yes, two!) types of intense pleasure pulsators. This compact clitoral stimulator offers both air pulse and "magic tongue" technology. And you don't have to be a Hogwarts student to know that kind of power is bewitching.

2. The We-Vibe Chorus

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

This particular little gadget is excellent for re-engaging with your lockdown partner. Face it. It's been nearly six months of zero boundaries and work-life blending together into one hellacious margarita of sadness that no one ordered. Shake things up and play together with the We-Vibe Chorus, a powerful little vibrator, remote controlled with touch sense- putting the power of your orgasm into your partner's hands. All while maintaining a responsible distance.

3. Le Wand's Feel My Power

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

You can't beat a classic- unless you throw in a few excellent personalizations detailed like patches and key rings designed by renowned queer, trans illustrator Wednesday Holmes. Built specifically to celebrate International Women's Day, this buzzing beauty will definitely have you feeling something.

Bonus: Throw in some differently textured covers to swap out sensations, so you'll never get bored. Even if working from home is crushing your creativity.

4. Vibrating Snug Plug by B-Vibe

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

This little baby but plug may be a bit deceiving. As far as online sex toys go- there is nothing more "home office" appropriate than the Snug Plug. Ideally designed for long wear and any gender, this bad boi even vibrates to take your backdoor from boring to ballistic!

Bonus: Snag a UV sterilizing bag to get your toy squeaky clean with zero effort.

5. Ella's Battery Operated Boyfriend

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

Maybe it's Thursday (or is it Monday?), maybe you're just feeling nostalgic. Whatever it is, sometimes you just want a little throwback. That's why this little beauty was created exclusively for Ella Paradis. The wand/vibrator/dildo combo holds on to that super popular vintage vibe while providing everything you need to be fully present.

6. Yogi G-Spot Vibrator

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

This 100% water-proof multitasker is perfect for partner play or solo time in the bath or shower. Making it an ideal little buddy for anyone who's got a full house in lockdown. Discreet, quiet, and super powerful, this clitoral stimulator will also gently massage your g-spot and vagina with 10 different settings. It's also super flexible, just like your new work schedule.

7. Womanizer's Liberty

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

Right, so when it comes to online sex toys, the Liberty is more than liberating. It's full-on sexual freedom in a compact, rechargeable, handheld package. The Pleasure Airâ„¢ Technology will knock you off your feet (so maybe don't use it while standing). With a sensation that is both powerful and crazy satisfying, this gadget proves that big things come in small packages.

8. Hawk Dual Masturbator By Better Love

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

Men! Don't think we forgot about your work from home woes. Sex toys for men are often overlooked because you got "two right hands," but let us let you in on a little secret- sure, you can get off without sex toys, but it's most definitely better with them. The silky smooth texture and raunchy ribbed inner sleeve will send you over the edge. Good thing you're remote working because you're never going to want to leave home again.

9. B-Vibe's Remote Trio Rimming Plug

sex toys built to delight everyone who is

Show of hands- who was absolutely broken by the news from several public health services that rimming, along with everything else we loved in 2020, was canceled? Us too. Good thing B-Vibe had the foresight to make this premium plug! With rotating beads, vibrating tip, remote-controlled, and totally discreet design, the Trio Rimming Plug just brought ATM back. And we're not talking about money machines. See? Good things do come from 2020.