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Sex Robots Could Be Prone To Violence And End Up Strangling Humans, Experts Warn

sex robots could be prone to violence and end up strangling humans, experts warn

If you've seen Terminator movies, you will not be shocked to learn that ultra-popular sex robots might turn on us.

Pricey and high in demand, sex dolls are already a treat for many, especially in the time of lockdowns and lack of basic human interactions.

However, one small coding error and your loving robot might turn into a violent, physically harming creature!

Yup, your lover might even strangle you, and it is no joking matter.

How An AI Girlfriend Could Turn Into A Cold Blooded Killer

Doll collector Brick Dollbanger believes that one coding error might lead to a disaster.

Brick is close to the leading manufactures of sex robots, including Realbotix and Abyss. Speaking to Daily Star Online expressed his concerns:

"It scares me to death, it's a machine, and it's always going to be a machine."

He compared it to another Sci-Fi movie:

"If you've watched the movies, Ex-Machina, because I honestly believe synthetics are going to look very similar to that movie. It's not going to be something you can hit with a pipe and it's going to fall apart."

These Dolls, No Matter How Cute, Are Quite Strong

While humans are made of flesh and bones, these sex robots are pure steel. As Brick further explained:

"I've always said, when a synthetic can support itself, that synthetic is going to be much stronger than a normal human."

Though it all sounds like the plot of another movie, Brick is sure that his worst fears will come true. He added:

"It's going to be more durable, instead of having bones it's going to have high impact, plastic or aluminum frame, it's going to be very strong, and it won't get tired, it won't stop unless it runs out of an energy supply. Unless you stop it with some kind of projectile, like a gun or something like that, if this thing got out of control, it could do some serious damage."

If The Simpson made so many accurate predictions, who could say that numerous sci-fi movies are all wrong?

One Line Of Bad Code

Dollbanger says that "one life of bad code" could be fatal. One hug could kill:

"Put it this way it can put its arm around your neck and just stop you from breathing, and you wouldn't be able to get away from it, something as simple as that, a simple hug could be a constriction that could literally compress your chest and airway and stop you breathing."

Sex robot technology is rapidly advancing, and the "toys" are already getting eye vision. In a decade, they will be able to walk on their own.

Cloud Climax launched the first doll with "full artificial intelligence," promising they can "replace human intimacy."

It's time to be afraid.