Sex Offenders Arrested By The CBP At US-Mexico Border Hits A Five-Year High

sex offenders arrested by the cbp at us-mexico border hits a five-year high

A DHS Insider document which was termed "law enforcement sensitive," leaked to the public. It included a section titled "Border Intelligence Daily," which mentioned that "2021 sex offender encounters by U.S border patrol reach five years high".

According to an interview with a border patrol agent whose identity is kept anonymous, it was confirmed that there had been more arrests of sex offenders at the border in the first quarter of 2021 than in the entire 2020 fiscal year.


He goes further to explain that the numbers might even be underreported. From October 2020 to February 2021, there have been 214 encounters. The agent explains that "encounters" mean arrests. In the space of these five months, October to February, the document states that there have been more arrests than the previous five fiscal years. In 2020, there were 154 arrests.

The document also states that "criminal aliens with sex-related offenses are attempting to re-enter the United States in record numbers during the Covid-19 pandemic, likely due to unstable economic situations."


Witnessing The Aftermath Of Sexual Assaults

According to the anonymous patrol agent, he has witnessed the aftermath of some sexual assaults on the border. He has arrested or rescued aliens, that is, illegals, that have been raped. He has sat with raped women in the hospital. They have had to rescue men that were raped and tied to a fence just because they won't carry drugs. He confirms that there are a lot of assaults going on at the border.


It sure is a lot to deal with, seeing the trauma experienced by the victims of sexual assault along the border. There are also a lot of children migrating, some on their own. For this patrol agent, when asked what he fears most, he said:

"Finding dead children. I don't... Dead children in the middle of the desert is something I don't want to deal with."

As with previous presidents, President Joe Biden faces a growing number of migrants at the US-Mexico border. With the pandemic taking a huge toll on Latin America with a decline in economic growth asides from covid-19 deaths, it is no wonder that many are seeking to migrate. Many look forward to how the Biden administration will handle this.