Sex Offender Caught In Woman's Apartment Naked And Wearing Child's Shoes


Upon arriving home one evening, Daphne Crowley was taken aback to find a nude sex offender, Michael Tyler Henegar, in her apartment, wearing nothing but her daughter's shoes. She promptly alerted law enforcement, but he managed to flee through a patio and into the woods before their arrival. Fortunately, the authorities were able to track him down shortly after, as per WVLT-TV's report.

1. Henegar Was On The Sex Offender Registry For Years

In addition to trying to burglarize Crowley's residence in Knoxville, Henegar committed a significant offense by showing up at a house with minors and undressing while wearing their footwear.

2. Henegar Is Believed To Have Gotten In Through An Unlocked Door

Although the events leading up to the incident are not entirely clear, authorities suspect that he may have entered the residence at approximately 12 p.m. on December 19 and placed a drill and a work light inside a Scooby Doo bag belonging to the children. Nonetheless, he was only caught when Crowley returned home, knocked on the door, and her daughter opened it, revealing Henegar's presence.

3. When Crowley Confronted Him, Henegar Ran Into A Wooded Area

Crowley, who had wooden sticks in hand, expressed her anger and frustration to reporters stating that she would have beaten Henegar if she had caught him. However, Henegar was later arrested by the police in the nearby woods.

4. Authorities Believe He May Have Been In The Apartment Before

"When they found him, he had stuff I knew that I had bought and had been looking for. He took my grandkid's toothbrush, toothpaste, Christmas stuff that we put in stocking stuffers. He took my daughter's brand new Jordans," Crowley revealed.

After the terrifying incident, Crowley revealed that her family was left feeling scared and vulnerable. She even took precautions, such as pushing her couch against the front door, to protect herself and her loved ones.

5. Hopefully Henegar Will Stay In Prison For A Long While

Despite being charged with violating the registry multiple times since his conviction for sexual exploitation of a minor in 2013, Michael Tyler Henegar had not been imprisoned. It remains unclear how he was able to avoid incarceration.