Negative thoughts will always come to us whether we like it or not. They have a way of creeping into our mind. Our thoughts sometimes play “pranks” on us by telling us we don’t have what it takes to achieve our goals. These toxic thoughts negate any form of positive change on the quest for personal development.

According to John C. Maxwell, “Once our minds are ‘tattooed’ with negative thinking, our chances for long-term success diminish.” Do you want to be successful? Of course, you do. I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t want to be successful. Toxic thoughts will not only diminish your success but also damage your soul, and keep you back from living the healthy and happy life you wanted. Realizing what these toxic thoughts are can help you in having a positive attitude towards life.

Seven toxic thoughts with the ability to destroy your soul

⦁ I Am Not Ready:

“Repetition is a law deep and a lasting impression”. Have you ever heard that? If you tell yourself constantly how unready you are, you will NEVER be ready. One thing that is scary for most people is change. They want a change but don’t know how. You can actually have excellent results if only you have the willingness to take a chance. Nobody is stopping you from your current level to the next. You are responsible for where you are. Take a leap of faith. You might be telling yourself, “what if it doesn’t work?” Have you considered what if it does work? See failure as something positive. See it as a learning curve. No matter how many times you fall, rise up and keep pushing.

⦁ I Am Not Good Enough:

Most times people fail because they have already planned to fail. For instance, a boxer with the thought that he isn’t good enough to fight his opponent has already lost before the fight began. If you say you are not good enough, then indeed you are not good enough. If you consistently think that you are not good enough, this mentality can wreak havoc on your success, health, and happiness. Self-acceptance and self-love is an important aspect of your happiness.

⦁ It’s Too Late:

This thought is a suicidal thought in a lot of cases. It brings absolutely nothing positive in your life. Nothing is late until you say it is late. Men who have made their mark in history never gave up, they believed even when there wasn’t hope. Let nothing be a limitation to you. If you didn’t complete your education, go back to school, if you are not yet married, it isn’t too late. If you don’t have a job, it is not too late. There is always time for anything we want. All we need is to learn to sacrifice.

⦁ I Don’t Have Time:

You have time. Everybody has time. Time is the only commodity that we possess in equal value. The time you have is adequately enough to make any change that you want. If there is something that you want to achieve, the more determined and dedicated you should be. Don’t use time as the escapist mechanism rather use it to your advantage! Successful people have the same time as you do.

⦁ I Am Not Good At Anything:

This is nothing but a lie because every single human being on the face of the earth is gifted with something unique. This toxic thought attracts low self-esteem. You are good at something. Right now, take a pen and paper and write everything you enjoy doing. Work on them and you will surely be good at one. The quickest way of reducing your value is by comparing yourself to others. Focus on you. You are you and cannot be someone else. Be the better and improved version of you today!

⦁ I Am A Failure:

You are not a failure! Yes, maybe the project you were supervising failed but that does not mean you have failed. You are more than the project. The problem with people is that they see failure as something negative. Taking a chance on a project and not succeeding doesn’t make you a failure, rather you discover why it didn’t work and that itself is a success.

⦁ My Goals Seem Impossible:

Impossible means I am possible. Yes, your goals are possible they are achievable. You will never reach whatever goal you set if believe you won’t. Let your attention be on the future. Focus on the brighter side of life. Set little goals with milestones to appreciate yourself because you do deserve it.