Server Mortified After A Table Of 21 Demands Separate Checks

On TikTok, the topic of restaurant etiquette is quite controversial and can ignite passionate discussions on the widely-used platform.

Online discussions often feature highly debated topics such as the appropriate amount to tip a waiter and how to divide the dreaded check.

Servers on TikTok often express their frustration towards customers who visit their workplace in the form of videos.

The most recent instance features a Dave & Buster's server who utilized TikTok to weigh in on the contentious topic of dividing the bill after a meal.


No hate to these people AT ALL! THEY WERE SO NICE😭 #servertok #ohwell #serverlife #serverproblems #jokes

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Dana, a woman serving a large table of 21 people, recounted that they requested separate checks one evening.

On her account, Dana shared a brief 12-second video in which she displays her cash register's screen while inputting individual items onto each separate check.

As text overlaid on the video, the server wrote: "When a 21 top comes in and they all want separate checks."

Dana proceeded to record the receipts spewing out of the printer after inputting each item onto separate checks, and it's safe to say that there were many - 21, to be exact.

The TikToker also had the signed receipt folded in their hand, which undoubtedly would have posed quite a challenge for the server.

Although their request was time-consuming, Dana wrote in the caption: "No hate to these people AT ALL! THEY WERE SO NICE."

The content creator included in the comments: "Guys yes I did ask them at the beginning how many checks they had. I like to put it all on one and then split it so everyone's foods comes out together."

Since the TikTok was posted earlier this month, numerous users have flocked to the comment section to participate in the conversation.

"I remember these days. So not fun, I hope they paid with cards and tipped well," one former server wrote.

A second person added: "sometimes they all just order the same thing 😭 like just have one person pay for it and everyone else give them their share."

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "What's the complaint that's 21 chances of receiving a tip... you know you got at least $21."

Dana is not the sole participant in the restaurant etiquette debate. In the previous month, a bar server ignited a heated discussion by proposing that waiting staff should address customers who do not tip.