Serial Killer Statistics Based On Zodiac Signs

Serial Killer Statistics Based On Zodiac Signs

Notorious serial killers get a lot of airtime. Therefore, it's not surprising that experts have spent lots of time looking into them and the things that define them.

Not to be left behind, astrologers also tried to find out the zodiac signs that produce the greatest number of serial killers.

And so, let's have a look at serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs. You will also finally know the astrological signs of the most popular serial killers in history, including the likes of Ted Bundy.

It might also surprise you to discover that astrology has a pretty creepy and accurate explanation for serial killers.

The FBI shared information about most serial killers and based on their birth dates. Some astrological signs contribute a lot more to these creepy statistics than the rest of them.

1. Capricorn – 55 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
Dean Carll

Most serial killers are Capricorns, such as Dean Carll, shown above. Surprised? Some people weren't, given a Capricorn's well-known desire for total control over everything.

It's not surprising that these folks sometimes go overboard to show their authority and therefore end up killing their victims. That said, they also like the sense of power that comes with taking a life.


For many of these killers, the murders are usually ritualistic. Sometimes, they use religion to justify their behavior.

Popular killers under this sign include Dean "The Candy Man" Carll who killed over 28 people. Others include William Bonin, estimated to have murdered up to more than 36 people, The Freeway Killer, and The Wolf of Moscow.

2. Leo – 46 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
The Cleveland Strangler

Leos are better known for their love for attention. Usually, their murders are a little more dramatic, which is to be expected for a Leo. Although they can ritualize their kills like Capricorns, they tend to use more twisted angles such as rape and torture.

These folks are even about cannibalizing their victims or taking the lives of kids. So yea, Leo kills can get pretty disturbing.

That is usually quite a shock considering how happy, attention-seeking, and eager-to-please Leos can be. There is definitely a very dark streak among serial killers under this zodiac sign. They include infamous, notorious murderers like The Cleveland Strangler, who killed 11 people, The Blood Countess, and the Monster Killer.

3. Sagittarius – 43 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
Ted Bundy

One of the most famous killers ever, Ted Bundy, was a Sagittarius. It's estimated that he killed between 30 and more than 36 people. Like Leo, this zodiac sign tends to employ techniques such as rape and even necrophilia.

Sags also like to keep trophies after their kills. These can include something as sadistic as a body part, although they usually use strangulation and robbery as part of their killing process.

However, unlike the Leos, these folks don't usually victimize kids. Other famous killers who are also Sags include the Interstate Killer and The Torso Killer.

4. Aquarius – 42 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
Joel Rifkin

These three zodiac signs tie for this position in terms of serial killers contributing to the official statistics.

The funny thing is that Aquarius likes to help others. That makes it a little shocking to learn that this zodiac sign also ranks among the signs with the most serial killers.

These serial killers have been known to torture and even rape while taking the lives of their victims. They often pick easy targets and usually the sort of people a typical Aquarius likes to help, such as the homeless people and prostitutes.

Aquarius serial killers include Joel Rifkin who might have murdered over 17 people, Luis (The Beast), and Daniel Camargo.

5. Aries – 42 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
Donald Harvey

Aries like to kill using a firearm. But despite their arms off approach, they tend to rack up lots of kills before they are stopped.

Once Aries sets on this dark path, there is usually a clear desire to become number one. This is part of their competitive spirit.

Examples include Donald Harvey, who killed between 37 and 57 people, The Casanova Killer, who killed between 17 and 35 people, The Raincoat Killer, and Jane Toppan.

6. Libra – 42 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
The Hillside Strangler

Libra serial killers are surprising since this zodiac sign is known for its aversion to violence. However, the murders are often messy and grisly. Libra killers tend to see their murders as works of art. Famous Libra killers include the Hillside Strangler, who killed 12 people, and Pedro Lopez.

7. Scorpio – 42 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
The Sunday Morning Slasher

To be honest, Scorpios have a sadistic side, and they often stalk their victims before killing them. These folks also tend to see themselves as vigilantes.

That explains why they target people they seem to think deserved this cruelty, such as prostitutes. They include The Sunday Morning Slasher, who might have killed up to 100 people, and The ABC Killer, among others.

8. Gemini and Pisces – 40 Killers

serial killer statistics based on zodiac signs
The Milwaukee Cannibal

Many Gemini serial killers tend to be vengeful. Their kills are often dark and include cannibalism, posing bodies, and even strangulation.

Consequently, Gemini serial killers tend to go for victims they already know. They include family members and neighbors. Samuel Little was a Gemini, and so was Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as The Milwaukee Cannibal. He killed 17 people.

Although considered sweet and considerate, Pisces can be scary killers that often employ rape, torture, and other sadistic methods on their victims. Notorious Pisces serial killers include The Green River Killer, who might have claimed anywhere between 49 and more than 90 victims.

Just to be clear, every zodiac sign has given us a serial killer. It's just that some astrological signs stand out among the rest with the sheer number of murderers they have contributed to this eerie category.

We still have Virgo and Taurus serial killers. So, just because you see your sign at the top of this list, it does not mean you are more likely to end up being a culprit.

Serial killers are still extreme outliers in our society; they only get a lot of attention for the atrocities they commit.