Selfie From Top Of Mount Everest Destroys Flat Earth Theory Once And For All

It is widely accepted that the Earth is round, but there are some individuals known as "Flat Earthers" who believe otherwise and are determined to prove it.

A self-portrait taken from the summit of Mount Everest appears to definitively disprove the beliefs of Flat Earthers.

Although the majority of people accept the scientific evidence that the Earth is round, one individual was so frustrated with Flat Earthers that he decided to climb the highest mountain in the world in order to provide proof to the contrary.

The self-portrait, which was posted on Reddit with the caption "Checkmate flat Earth society," appears to definitively debunk the beliefs of Flat Earthers.

There is already a significant amount of evidence supporting the fact that the Earth is round, including multiple photographs taken from space. This particular photograph, which clearly shows the curvature of the Earth in the background, adds to the existing evidence and provides further proof of the Earth's round shape.

The post received a lot of attention on Reddit, with users expressing enthusiasm for the photograph.

One Reddit user shared their own experience of seeing the curvature of the Earth from a mountain summit, saying: "I climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago, which is not nearly as tall as Everest, but the curvature of the earth was definitely visible from the summit, but nothing like this." This suggests that the photograph, taken from the top of Mount Everest, provides an even more dramatic view of the Earth's round shape.

"I'm guessing that this has something to do with the camera lens and atmosphere affecting the image."

A second speculated: "I believe the flat earthers are trolling us all. Laughing all the way to their chat rooms and bulletin boards [sic]."

"I maintain that only like six people believe in a flat Earth," agreed a third user. "Everyone else is just trolling each other."

"I'm all for a good conspiracy theory but there are some, including the flat earth, that are just too much," added a fourth.

Other users on Reddit pointed out that the pronounced curvature of the Earth in the photograph may be due to the use of a fish eye lens. However, they emphasized that this does not change the fact that the Earth is round.

One Reddit user questioned why the top of Mount Everest appears to be a "garbage dump" in the photograph. Another user explained that people who climb the mountain often leave flags at the summit, which may contribute to the accumulation of debris.

It was also noted that the harsh conditions at the top of Mount Everest may contribute to the accumulation of rubbish on the mountain.

"A lot of Everest is littered with garbage," explained a third Redditor. "The moment you pass a certain point the clock starts ticking and you literally begin dying. Every moment is planned out and any effort not spent reaching the summit or getting down will kill you."

"Bodies of former mountaineers have become altitude markers because anyone that would try to retrieve the bodies would 100 percent just die as well."

Despite the presence of litter, one Reddit user made a joke about the photograph, saying that it looks like the climber is "riding a piƱata in space."