Self Love 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Self Love 30 Day Happiness Challenge

As women, we tend to spend a majority of our time worrying about everyone else around us, while neglecting our own health and wellness. While there is definitely something to be said about this selfless life, it can quickly become unhealthy. As a new season begins, why not take the next month to devote a little bit of time every day to become a happier, healthier you?

Day 1: Get some rest

Let's start the month right by going to bed early tonight. You may not believe it, but the to-do list really can wait until morning.

Day 2: Go for a walk

It doesn't even have to be a mile. Just get outside and get moving.

Day 3: Stay hydrated

Did you know your body is 70% water? Try drinking 2 extra glasses of water today and see how much better you feel. Don't like plain water? Add cucumbers or lemons to help the flavor.

Day 4: Learn something new

This could be a fun fact, a new skill, anything really, just something to engage your mind.

Day 5: Talk to a loved one

Give them a call, meet up in person - it doesn't matter. Just spend some time with the people you value most.

Day 6: Eat a healthy snack

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Day 7: Paint those nails

Pick a color that you feel best defines you!

Day 8: Do yoga

Working out doesn't have to be stressful. Try 30 minutes of yoga to challenge your mind and body.

Day 9: Try something new

This can be anything - just get out of that comfort zone!

Day 10: Enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea)

There's nothing like enjoying a fresh brew with a little silence. If you've got the time, enjoy it in the comfort of a coffeehouse!

Day 11: Take a photo

Beauty is all around us, if only we have the eyes to see it. Try to find the beauty around you today.

Day 12: Write a letter

Everyone loves receiving handwritten letters. Pick a person, and write to them!

Day 13: Ditch the devices

Keep your phone away as much as possible today. You'll find you're much more productive, and generally happier as well!

Day 14: Volunteer

There are few things more fulfilling than helping someone else in need. Give away your time today as a volunteer!

Day 15: Sit in silence

In this day and age, something is always vying for our attention. Try to shut out the noise for at least 5 minutes today with some quiet meditation.

Day 16: Read

Spend 20 minutes actively reading.

Day 17: Dress to impress

Today, take the extra time getting ready - not to impress others, but to remind yourself of how awesome you are.

Day 18: Work out early

Morning workouts set the tone for the day. Get up early today to work out. You'll be surprised by how much energy you have!

Day 19: Indulge

Eat the dessert. Buy the dress. Whatever this may look like for you, indulge in a small way today.

Day 20: Spa night!

Grab the masks. Pull out the bubbles. Tonight is about you - enjoy it.

Day 21: Go for a drive

You don't need a destination - just get out and go!

Day 22: Spend 10 minutes stretching

Want to make this even more relaxing? Add some quiet instrumentals.

Day 23: Give someone a hug

Spread the love!

Day 24: Smile 🙂

Believe it or not, the simple act of smiling is proven to make you feel better.

Day 25: Watch your favorite movie/show

Grab the popcorn and chill out with your favorite characters.

Day 26: Sit down for dinner

Yes, actively sit down and eat mindfully. You'll find you enjoy the food more, while naturally eating less!

Day 27: Enjoy a glass of wine (or other drink)

It doesn't have to be alcoholic. Just relax with a drink you enjoy!

Day 28: Help someone

Hold the door, carry the groceries. Pay it forward today.

Day 29: Dance!

Turn on the music and dance like nobody's watching.

Day 30: Take time to reflect

You made it the whole month! Take time to reflect today on how you feel after this month of self love!