Selena Gomez Responds To "Uncomfortable" Kissing Scene In Only Murders In The Building

Selena Gomez Responds To "uncomfortable" Kissing Scene In Only Murders In The Building

Mabel, Selena Gomez's character in Only Murders In The Building, kissed Alice, Cara Delevingne's character, during the latest episode in the series, and people haven't stopped talking about it.

Alice had just urged Mabel to destroy some of her artwork as a way to let out her emotions. This eventually ended in the two ladies locking lips.

The kiss has drawn much criticism, and many people see it as an uncomfortable moment to view.

Some of the fans on social media analyzed the kissing technique. According to one of the commenters, it was among the "most awkward" and uncomfortable kisses they had ever seen.

Another noted that the kiss had "no chemistry." This person felt this would be a massive problem if all Mabel and Alice were supposed to be lovers later in the series.

Someone also mentioned that the episode was "excellent" but failed to ensure that the kiss between the two characters was appropriately done. Otherwise, this person was happy that they were past this bizarre moment.

In all honesty, the kiss was quite uncomfortable. This did not have to be the case since Gomez could have done more than standing awkwardly, seemingly frozen and devoid of passion during the kiss.

Gomez has come to the defense of the kiss, saying that it was meant to be uncomfortable since she was unsure about her character's sexuality. She also doesn't think Alice knows what her sexuality is either.

According to her, Mabel is sexually repressed and has some intimacy challenges.

Therefore, it makes sense that she would try to kiss Alice but end up freezing and looking awkward during the intimate moment.

Gomez also spoke about Mabel struggling with mental health. The character was also trying to ensure that the trauma she had suffered in the past did not define her, which is why Gomez was happy that she was exploring "those nuances" of her character.

In any case, this is just the second episode in the season. With eight more seasons ahead, there are a lot of opportunities for Mabel and Alice to work on the intimacy issues their relationship might have at the moment.

If the intention was to make Gomez's character awkward and uncomfortable in the scene, then the fact that the kiss felt strange was a good thing.

Gomez is probably right in saying that the kiss was supposed to be uncomfortable since she and Delevingne are good friends away from the cameras. They even have matching tattoos.

The show has so far gotten very positive reviews after the first season was released on Hulu and Disney+.

On an individual level, Gomez has also been getting a lot of accolades for her role in Only Murders In The Building. Her part in the series allowed her to win a People's Choice Award as a comedy TV star in 2021.