Selena Gomez Has 'Emotional Breakdown' And Now Receiving Mental Health Treatment

Selena Gomez Has ‘emotional Breakdown’ And Now Receiving Mental Health Treatment

One of the most talked-about people in the music industry right now is Selena Gomez. The 26-year old singer has been hospitalized two times in the last two weeks. This time, sources said that she suffered an emotional breakdown. As of this moment, she's now confined at a mental health facility for treatment.

According to sources, Selena was in California at her house the last week of September during the first emergency. She was reportedly emotional and downhearted due to her white blood cells' low count after her kidney transplant. The sources added that one of her family members had to drive her to Cedars Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles, California.

Days after, Selena Gomez was released. However, there was a need for her to be confined late last week again because of her white blood cells' persistent low count. That was the reason why Selena was feeling down and emotional.

The sources also said that she had an emotional breakdown when she insisted on leaving after she was confined. The doctors, however, told Selena that she couldn't leave. She freaked out and had a meltdown because of this incident and even ended up ripping the IVs out and took them off. Selena is receiving DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and is currently at a psychiatric facility on the East Coast. This therapy is needed in order to treat various mental health conditions. This should not be a problem since she already received DBT before.

It's undeniable that she displayed various signs of trouble, but because of an information blackout about Selena for weeks, we haven't had any updates about her.

Selena was last seen on September 23 when she posted that she'll take a break from the internet – from social media. However, before she decided to leave social media, she was still able to do an Instagram Live where she answered questions from her fans. During that time, she mentioned that she had been consumed by depression for five years. She was also the target of mean and hateful comments from people on social media, especially when the news about her ex exploded – Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin getting engaged.

She was last seen in public on September 22 when she attended Jennifer Lopez's show in Vegas. People also showed a pic where she was spotted in Newport Beach in California, and her fans said it was taken on September 27. However, sources said that the pic was taken 7 months ago.

If you can still remember, Selena was in rehab in 2014, and she had to go through major surgery for her kidney transplant. She made a comeback when she released Wolves in November 2017 and Back to You in May this year. There were even rumors that Selena and Bieber were getting back together, but it didn't turn out well, and now she's facing yet another challenge. We can say that she didn't have a very good experience this year. The good news for her is that she's already receiving treatment and she's getting full support from her friends as well as from her family. We hope that she overcomes this phase and returns to the limelight and makes her fans proud of her new music.