Selena Gomez Announces She's Taking An Immediate Break From Social Media

Selena Gomez, who recently became the most followed woman on Instagram, has announced her decision to take a break from social media.

During a live TikTok video, The Only Murders In The Building actor informed her followers that she would be taking a brief break from using apps.

You can view her statement in the following video:

"I'm going to be taking a second from social media, because this is a little silly," she said.

"I'm 30 and am too old for this. But I love you so much and I'll see you guys sooner than later."

"I'm just gonna take a break from everything."

Her remarks followed speculation that there was animosity between her and Hailey Bieber following the emergence of a TikTok video.

Yes, I believed this story had already been dismissed.

The gossip started circulating widely after a video surfaced featuring Bieber presenting on stage with Method Man.

In the video, Method Man playfully hints at a rap battle involving harsh lyrics about a celebrity, akin to Taylor Swift's recent album. In response, the model playfully sticks out her tongue and rolls her eyes.

The caption accompanying the video aimed to portray Hailey as a "mean girl". You can view the clip below:

In the comments section, Gomez, a close friend of Swift's for many years, reacted to the video: "So sorry, my best friend is and continues to be one of the best in the game."

The actor's decision to quit social media entirely has been expected for quite some time.

The singer of "We Don't Talk Anymore" has previously mentioned that she had completely eliminated social media from her life, with the exception of TikTok.

The 30-year-old clarified that her assistants manage most of her social media accounts.

Earlier this month, she revealed to Vanity Fair: "The only thing I have on my phone is TikTok because I find it to be a little less hostile. There are wonderful things about social media—connecting with fans, seeing how happy and excited they are and their stories."

"But usually that's filtered through [for me now]. I created a system. Everything I do I send to my assistant who posts them."

"As far as comments, my team will put together a few things that are encouraging."

Following her announcement, her TikTok account has been deactivated and is no longer accessible.

For the time being, if you wish to communicate with Gomez, consider sending her a fax or perhaps a message in a bottle.