See It: Woman In Convicted Felon's Car Killed After She Shoots Cop At Point-Blank Range

See It: Woman In Convicted Felon’s Car Killed After She Shoots Cop At Point-blank Range

Gunfights are dangerous, and they often end up bringing brutal results in the aftermath. And recently, the world faced another brutal shootout that didn't end that well.

A woman from Tennessee was dead after a brutal shootout with a police officer who pulled her over last Friday, near Brick Church Pike in Nashville.

The Latest Reports

According to the latest reports, Josh Baker, a Metro Nashville Police Officer, pulled over a car on Friday. It was registered to Demond Buchanan, 42, who had active warrants out for his arrest.


But Demond wasn't in the car. Nika Holbert, 31, was the woman driving the vehicle. She was asked to pull over the car and step out of the vehicle without touching any of her belongings.

She did what she was asked, and meanwhile, she told the officer that she was the only one in the car. And that was the truth.

At Baker's request, Nika handed her bag over to him when she stepped out of the car.


The Sudden Turn Of Events

Initially, officer Holbert cooperated and made a phone call to her mother while Baker searched her bag. Then suddenly, he found a white substance in a clear, small bag.

His next move was the attempt to arrest Nika Holbert.

But she resisted collaborating. The woman started panicking. She screamed:

"Don't put me in handcuffs! I haven't done anything wrong!"

She ran towards the car, desperate to avoid the handcuffs and the officer.


Eager To Escape

Desperately trying to catch the woman, officer Baker pulled out a Taser and deployed it.

Despite getting struck by the Taser, Nika continued to confront the officer. She pulled out her gun.

Baker started yelling:

"Ma'am, put the gun down!"

But she didn't listen and started firing her gun.

Baker fired back several times too. However, Nika Holbert managed to drive away from their scene.


Later, reports announced that she crashed the car shortly after the incident with the officer. Moreover, she was taken to TriStar Skyline Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Officer Baker went through surgery and he is in a stable condition since then.