Secrets To A Happy Life: Learn To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

Secrets To A Happy Life: Learn To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

A vast number of adults suffer from diagnosed major depressive disorders, while millions more suffer from other mental health issues that may or may not be diagnosed. The reality is, life can be tough, we all face difficult times at one point or the other, and some of these knocks can bring anyone to their knees. Sometimes it can feel like we are thrown one curveball after another with no let-up. This can make it difficult, and you may struggle to stay above water.

Letting negative thoughts go can be very difficult if you suffer from depression and anxiety. You may have come out the other side of the tough times, but you still have the lingering effect of them. In some instances, there may have been physical damage or financial consequences, which will make it more challenging to move on with your life and let go of negative thoughts.

Sometimes you might become so fixated on what happened and become consumed with self-pity. Unfortunately, these are common situations with people, but it might help you to know you are not alone and in good company. Having these ongoing negative thoughts help preserve the events that happened. And with a head full of negative thoughts, you have no space to find happiness for the future.

Ways To Let Go And Move On Effectively

When you are in a place where negative thoughts consume you, you will find yourself replaying the previous events and the impact they've had on your life. When you continue to focus on the negative thoughts, you are allowing the past events to carry on affecting your life. As hard as it may seem to let go of this negative thought process, the fact is, you are in total control of your thoughts and your future. The tips below should help you to let go of the negative thoughts, let go of the past, and find happiness.


If you're searching for a peaceful life and a calm mind, meditation is essential to achieve this. But so many people don't know how to meditate. Through the process of meditation, you clear your mind of all thoughts; this can be more difficult than you might think. If negative thoughts consume you, it is easy to let those thoughts slip back into your mind uncontrollably.

When you first start meditating, you will find that these thoughts continue to pop back into your mind quite quickly, so you have to focus on clearing your mind continuously. This is completely normal when you first start to meditate, so be patient with yourself. Once you continue to meditate regularly, you will gain far greater control over your thoughts. You will become more aware as soon as a negative thought appears, making it easier to wipe it away faster.

Let Things Pass

If you have been living in a place of constant negative thoughts for a long time, for months or years, letting things pass won't come so easily, to begin with. It's common to let the negative thoughts in and sit with them, pull them apart, get engrossed in them. Before you know it, more and more negative thoughts enter your mind.

Understand that these are only thoughts and that you have control over them. It's natural to have negative thoughts, so don't beat yourself up too much over them. The trick is to instead recognize your thoughts as being separate from you, let them come, but let them pass, don't focus on them. Try and visualize them as passing clouds, or a twig floating in a river. Let them float in, but don't stop them on their "travels," let them continue floating past you. As with meditation, this takes some time, but with practice, you can do it.

Focus On The Positive

To be happy, there is more to it than merely letting negativity go. Those feelings have to be replaced with some positivity. The more you make a conscious effort to find positive things in your day-to-day life, the less negative thoughts will consume you. It can be difficult at first, but not impossible.

It can be a useful thing to write down a list of things each day that make you feel good or that you are grateful for, no matter how small. Even if it's just a day where you wake up feeling good, write it down, or make a mental note of feeling good. You will probably find that you start with a small list of things each day, but once you do this daily, you will find that the list gets bigger over time. Reading positive affirmations each day is also helpful, or download a positive affirmation app to imprint positivity into your life daily.

Offer Yourself Freely

A great way to find positivity is to help others because volunteering to help others in need boosts the sense of positivity. By doing this, it helps take the focus off our own issues and problems. Helping others can be a very uplifting experience. Find a charity or cause that you feel strongly about, and look for different ways you might be able to offer your services.

As daunting as it may seem now to imagine yourself at peace and being happy, it is far from impossible. You have the ability within you to let go and move on to happier times. Your negative thoughts are only hurting you, but you have control over them, you have to learn how to master them. Start with these steps, be easy on yourself, it takes practice, but once you do them regularly, watch the magic happen!