Secret Relationships – Fun Or Disaster

Secret Relationships – Fun Or Disaster

There is an air of mystery that makes secret relationships so fun and exciting; at first. And before we go any further, let's clarify that there are two kinds of secret relationships.

The first category consists of relationships you hide from your spouse. We also have secret relationships whereby you and your partner are together but the world has no idea what's going on.

Obviously, Having A Secret Relationship While You Already Have A Partner Is A No-No

It's a sure path to pain and heartbreak for some or all those involved.

As for the second type of secret relationship, the question is, why would you and your partner hide your relationship from the world?

After all, you are not in another relationship.

The most common reason is that you are trying to avoid disapproval from those you know such as friends and family.

But why would they disapprove? That is worth considering.

People make their relationships public all the time, even when people around them don't agree with them.

So, What Would Make You Keep Your Relationship Secret?

If the reason is disapproval, try to get into your parents' or friends' shoes. Consider that they want what's best for you and are trying to protect you. Their concerns might be valid, and it might be worth ending the relationship.

Keeping A Relationship Secret Can Become Something Of A Burden After Some Time

Because let's be honest, some joys of being in a relationship lie in basking in the attention you get from your loved ones for the love you share with your partner.

Getting the approval and the support of your family and friends strengthens your relationship. And who hates having their relationship considered a gold standard by friends and family?

While hiding the relationship makes it a little edgy, the urge to go public will overwhelm you after a while. You will want to know what your friends and family think of your partner and your relationship.

And You Have To Be Bold Enough To Accept Negative Comments About Your Relationship

That's part of the deal.

You would be surprised to see that the only thing they might disapprove of is the fact that you kept your relationship secret.

So, if you are in a relationship and it's secret, consider why that is the case. Why hide your relationship? Are you embarrassed to be with your partner? Are you possessive to the point of not wanting your friends to meet your lover?

Ultimately, There Is Never A Good Reason To Keep A Relationship Private

Sure, you can keep things under wraps while it's fun and games and you are still figuring out if to be together or not. But once things get serious, it's time to go public because keeping a relationship secret over the long-run is not all it's cracked up to be.