Secret Places In Brussels You Must Visit

Brussels is a city that is sure to win you over! It's not for nothing that Europeans unofficially call it the capital of Europe. After all, it's as much a city for them as Washington is for the Americans. Here you'll find the European Parliament, the Commission, the Council of Europe, and many other international organizations. It's already a reason to come here.

Some may think this is a standard boring metropolis with similar administrative buildings - and that would be a big mistake. Because it is far from being a standard city, having and successfully combining Gothic monuments and Art Nouveau buildings - thus creating a unique atmosphere. It will be great to take a drive through its streets. Aside from its interesting sights, there's also gastronomy - the world's best chocolates, Belgian waffles, and quirky beers are all on offer in the cafes and restaurants. But with so many articles about the world-famous Brussels, we've decided to tell you the secret spots - the ones not every tourist knows.

But before we begin it's time to settle an organizational question. Brussels is a very popular city and attracts many travelers every year. So for a tour starting from the airport (e.g. Charleroi airport), there is a danger of running into a scam. To avoid this, you can order AtoB Charleroi airport taxi and in one fell swoop solve all organizational issues. So the trip with AtoB personalized taxis will be as convenient and comfortable as possible.

We've solved the transport issue and are now getting down to the unique sites of Brussels!

The Deep Interior

If you book airport cab to this place, you'll never forget this day. Even a practitioner will be surprised by this development because someone has thought of a unique hotel idea - in the form of, a rectum. Yes, you read it right, a hotel in the shape of a rectum. Its name is "Casanus" and it has only 1 room (as hard as it may be to guess). Is it comfortable to spend time in such a room? It's an interesting question that can be answered if you go there. The place is original and 100% secret - so it deserves a place in our article.

Combine The Incongruous

Just imagine the following picture in your mind, a fiberglass and reinforced concrete building decorated with balconies of golden color. One could say that this is absurd. But a resident of Brussels won't see anything strange in it, and that's because it's the city's shopping complex. So if you decide to take Charleroi airport taxi and go shopping, you should go to the Golden Fleece shopping mall. And you'll be very surprised when you realize it blends in perfectly with the historic center of Brussels, making it another landmark.

The Royal Orangery Of Laeken

This place is pretty classic, but it's hard to get into. Because it's a royal orangery, you can only visit in February (when they allocate 2 weeks and allow everyone to visit the royal conservatory). This huge complex of 30 orangeries is just outside Belgium (just outside the city limits), so it would be handy to hire personalized taxis. As for the decor, the garden is exceptionally classical in style and has lots of exotic flowers.

Take A Ride On The Bee Mobile

If you are a beer lover, then you will enjoy one of the ideas of the Brussels authorities. If you drive through Brussels on weekends you can see a picture of a beer mobile - which gives away free beer (which is considered to be the best beer in the world). Why did it make it to our top-secret spot? You'll have to catch the spot where the beer dispenser stops, and it's everyone's secret spot.

A Gamer's Paradise

Computer games are now firmly entrenched in our lives. You can see it very clearly in the media space or even in cybersports (which have developed to a large scale relatively recently). So if you're into computer games, be sure to rent a taxi to Botkamp. It's the biggest computer club in Europe, geared towards gamers (so you'll see a lot of strong modern computers, a large base of games, and regular competitions there).

Musical Instruments Museum Brussels

We're often used to going to the same-type museums. To diversify this excellent experience, be sure to rent a car to the Musical Instrument Museum. Why is it worth the trip? Trite as it may seem, it will make you a more versatile person because there you will see instruments from different eras from all over the world. Besides that, the museum has a second unique feature - you'll even be allowed to play some of the instruments, under the supervision of a specialist.

Brussels Vintage Market

Every tourist after visiting a foreign country brings back a souvenir in the classic scenario. In Brussels, you can go to a vintage market and bring back not only a souvenir but also a unique souvenir. What makes this place so special is that it's not some standard shop the whole world knows about. It's a market where Brussels natives sell old things. They can be of great cultural and historical value. You are highly advised to take a taxi someday and come to this unique place. Apart from the usual Brussels locals, you can also meet young designers who are just starting and buy from them. A little tip: don't be afraid to haggle, in this market, you'll get a deal if you're genuinely interested in the product.

The Giant Peg

Our last unique place is not far from Brussels, just outside the city limits. To get there comfortably, you can book AtoB Charleroi airport taxi. But you won't regret coming here because it's one of the most amazing statues that exist in the world. To get there you have to drive towards Li├Ęge (it's between Brussels and this city). You are guaranteed unique photos and a cool atmosphere after seeing the work made by the famous Turkish sculptor, Mehmet Ali Yusala.