Second Minor Sues Twitter Over Sex Trafficking On Social Media Site

second minor sues twitter over sex trafficking on social media site

A second victim of child sexual exploitation filed a lawsuit against Twitter for the alleged involvement in profiting from the child's sexual exploitation.

The first case was reported in January 2021. Allegedly, John Doe, a minor, was harmed by Twitter's distribution of material depicting his sexual abuse and by Twitter's refusal to remove the images of his sexual abuse.

On behalf of John Doe, The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center (NCOSE), The Haba Law Firm, and The Matiasic Firm have filed a federal lawsuit against Twitter.


John Doe was 16 when he found sexually graphic videos of himself made when he was 13 under pressure by sex traffickers, had been posted to Twitter.

After Twitter stated that no rules were broken, the company refused to take down the content. The boy and his mother called the authorities.

The Second Lawsuit

A second alleged victim, John Doe #2, joined the lawsuit on Wednesday. A press release from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) stated:


"Both plaintiffs were harmed by Twitter's distribution of material depicting their sexual abuse and trafficking, and by Twitter's knowing refusal to remove the images of their sexual abuse (child pornography) when notified by John Doe #1 and his parents."

The press release further stated that NCOSE, The Haba Law Firm, and The Matiasic Firm are suing Twitter:

"Involvement in and profiting from their sexual exploitation, which violates the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and various other protections afforded by law."


Peter Gentile, senior legal counsel for NCOSE, said:

"Twitter had profited from the knowing distribution of child sexual abuse material depicting these two young men when they were children, and it must be held accountable. Twitter cannot sweep under the rug the fact that it both allowed child sexual abuse material on its site and refused to remove it."

Mainstream Media Is Staying Quiet

Sex trafficking survivor and advocate Eliza Bleu spoke up against the lack of mainstream coverage of the second minor coming forward to sue Twitter over the sexual exploitation.


She wrote:


Previously, Bleu spoke about the first alleged victim, telling Daily Wire:

"John Doe serves as a voice for countless victims and survivors in the United States and around the world."

She continued:

"Most of the children being abused cannot report their abuse to Twitter. Big tech has shown consistently that they are unwilling to remove the child sexual abuse material and human trafficking from their platforms at scale. So, much as we have seen in times past, it takes brave survivors stepping forward to create change."


"John Doe is that survivor in this case."

Bleu concluded:

"His bravery will have a positive impact on the Internet forever. He is a fighter. A young man wise beyond his years willing to take on big tech."