Scream Ending Was Only One Filmed Despite Multiple Written Versions

Scream Ending Was Only One Filmed Despite Multiple Written Versions

The Scream franchise had an incredible comeback with the 2022 version of the film. Fans have also learned that there were several endings lined up, although only a single of them was used.

Why is that?

As with previous films, the 2022 version of Scream tried to make sure the film was as surprising as possible. That is apparently why several endings were written to prevent spoilers and leaks.

Fans were kept guessing to the very end.

The writer of the movie, James Vanderbilt, talked about the endings and what they meant for the film.

Granted, the directors could have created multiple endings. Nevertheless, only one was filmed for economic reasons.

The fact that the film was being created during the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the production crew did not have as many options as they would have had under normal circumstances.

Scream Ending Was Only One Filmed Despite Multiple Written Versions

In a statement, Vanderbilt explained the situation:

"Then when it came to production, we were shooting in COVID so, we didn't really have a lot of extra time, not that you ever do on a movie. But the ending we shot is the only ending we shot."

There is no doubt that having multiple endings was great at making sure the script and spoilers did not spread online.

Nonetheless, the decision to have multiple endings fans knew about ended up creating another problem. In particular, some fans will be disappointed that only one ending was filmed, although various versions existed.

It would have been exciting to have the alternative endings in Blu-ray releases, but that's obviously not going to happen.

The good thing is that fans were very impressed with the film, and the ending did not disappoint.

Scream has always been a horror film that mocks the genre. It grew in popularity with its great plots that helped hide the true identity of the Ghostface killer.

To this day, fans have never figured out who the killer is.

Fans of Scream have been waiting patiently for sequels since 1996, when the franchise started. The original film was created with the direction of Wes Craven after being written by Kevin Williamson.

Three other sequels followed, and Craven directed them all.

When Craven died in 2015, the franchise's future became quite uncertain. Fortunately, the latest installment of Scream has changed all that by honoring Craven's legacy by keeping a beloved franchise alive.

Fans can't help but wonder if the unused endings will be utilized in subsequent Scream sequels. After all, the idea of keeping the franchise alive has already been discussed recently.

The positive reviews from both fans and critics indicate that people will be expecting a new Scream film in the near future.