Scorpio In 2019

24 October – 22 November

Whatever you put your mind to is within your reach. There’s a swagger in your step, and the good times flow with those you know and love.

Home and Family

At the end of January, you may feel like starting your spring cleaning early, and that’s probably a wise move as your place could become like a highway in rush hour by February. Seeing off youngsters and friends as they head for pastures new, and welcoming passing visitors and old school friends is starred. You’ll probably find yourself having to rush out to buy more coffee and even better wine! Uranus is your home and family planet, and his to-ing and fro-ing this year is likely to bring a few surprises your way. New additions and unexpected celebrations could be among them – all ensuring that dull moments never last for long.

Cash and Career

Take a good, long look at your life, Scorpio. Linger over every detail. See anything you aren’t keen on? Spot any missed opportunities? Still have ambitions that you hanker after? It’s never too late. Actually, let me go much further than that. Come October, you are about to be given a fresh start combined with the wheel of fortune spinning in your favor. You should feel a mighty weight lifted from your shoulders, and you’ll be ready and raring to go like a Formula 1 racing driver. In the meantime, please decide what you want most from your career and finances because from autumn you have every opportunity to make it happen.

Love and Friendship

With soft and gentle Neptune in your zone of love affairs for the entire year, you could feel the urge to merge. There is nothing nicer than having someone who you click with, and singles could well be in the zone to meet such a person. Be sure to let them make the first move, but encourage them all the way. Couples should find they are intuitively in tune with each other. This could mean you know exactly what the other is thinking, what movie they want to see, and what they might bring home for dinner! Meanwhile, March and June bring a period when your love life could get more intense and your friendships are likely to bloom and grow, too.

Top 3 Tips

  1. An alternative lifestyle boosts your health
  2. Be bold and steer your career in a brand new exciting direction
  3. Take time out and head off on a retreat

Diary Entries 2019


Give in to romance and enjoy being wooed. Life seems so much safer when you’re in a blissful mood.


Changes at work are a catalyst for a major shift. Marry up your inner person with how you earn your living.


Breakaway from working for a company and go freelance. You’ll quickly discover who’ll join you.


If your love life’s slipped into a rut, you’ll suddenly experience passion coursing through your veins. That might not be with your regular partner, though.


Look after your health and you’ll reap the benefits for months. Spend money to help other people.


If you’re less ambitious about making money and more passionate about enjoying your life, reassess what you want long-term.


Take time out – go somewhere where people don’t speak the same language.


It’s hard to hold steady right now, so just go with the flow.


The letting–go process continues. If you’re ready for new beginnings in more areas of your life, it’s your lucky month.


It’s time to celebrate and be joyful and give thanks for what you have. However, be ready to run with new opportunities.


If you can stabilize your finances through work or family, grab the chance. An investment in your future pays off.


Put thought into your gifts, and ask for the same in return. A commitment will last.