Scientists Say That Starting Work Before 10 Am Is Similar To Torture

Scientists Say That Starting Work Before 10am Is Similar To Torture

A puzzling discovery has just been made, and it affects a lot of us in a big way. Apparently, many of us are torturing ourselves on a daily basis, and we don't even know it. And we are doing it every time we start working before 10 am.

The scientist behind the study was Dr. Paul Kelley, of Oxford University, who took a look at modern forms of torture. It turns out that going to work before 10 am is among these forms of torture.


Just as a reminder, each of us has a Circadian Rhythm, which is the body's biological clock. And no, it cannot be changed, in case you are wondering.

So, when you go against it, you are forcing your body into a situation that puts it under immense stress. In other words, whenever you get up before 10 am, your body will be completely unprepared for the job you are giving it. The impact is especially profound on major body organs such as the brain.


That is not good, obviously, and it can have quite an impact on your health.

Dr. Paul Kelley believes, and everyone can easily see it, that many people around the globe are putting their health at risk by waking up before this time of the day.

In particular, getting to work before 10 am can lead to sleep problems and even physical and emotional stress. This can result in serious health problems. And this is something we can avoid by getting to work two hours later than we typically do.


In fact, he did an experiment to back up this baffling discovery by changing the lesson start time from 8.30 to 10.00 am. After a while, attendance improved, and so did productivity. The positive impact on student grades was also notable.

Consequently, every time you are waking up early, you are torturing yourself.

But when did this all begin? Because this problem has obviously been around for years.


The answer can be traced to the beginning of the 20th century, when factories, in a bid to improve productivity, created an 8-hour workday.

Obviously, the people behind this new schedule did not take into account the human biological clock, which is tuned to the sunlight. This clock does not change based on when your bosses want you to check in at work.

Unfortunately, our corporate masters carried the day, and we are stuck with a time schedule that goes against what our bodies would naturally prefer.


We should seriously consider the benefits of proper and adequate sleep. You would not be as tired, overworked, and would not have to down several energy drinks over your work hours to stay alert if you did what your biological clock suggests.

Consider this – an average American will take 3 cups of coffee a day, and that translates into 40 billion dollars being spent on this beverage alone.


So, if we could only pay more attention to our bodies, our work would be more fulfilling, and our productivity would also increase. With our natural clocks in control, we would be more focused and happier as well.

Think this study will change a thing?