Scientists Link Selfies To Narcissism, Addiction, And Mental Illness

Scientists Link Selfies To Narcissism, Addiction And Mental Illness

Many of the things we have experienced in our culture today can be directly linked to social media.

Even while making social communication much easier for us all, social media is also turning us into addicts, narcissists, and mental patients.

Thanks to social media, people don't care about what is going on around them anymore. What everyone seems so engrossed in today is taking selfies and ensuring that they edit and filter them to look their best before posting them on social media.

Social media has not just changed our lives, it has completely taken over our lives. This culture this revolution has introduced makes our lives less meaningless.

We have never been this self-centered before, and this needs to concern us. We have a whole generation that finds no joy in leaving the house. They just sit around watching television and playing video games.

Their social connections are simply maintained through social media.

There are people who argue that social media has made us more connected. Those willing to look a little deeper can see that we are actually more broken.

All people seem to care about at the moment is having as many followers as possible, getting as many shares as they can afford, and getting all the likes they can manage.

While we are not placing a blanket condemnation on all social media users, most people have bad or vain intentions when using social media. Only a small group genuinely uses social media to stay in touch and advance honest social causes.

On social media, we are not telling the world who we are in order to make genuine connections. Instead, we are creating ourselves afresh. You can be whatever you want to be on social media.

With everyone trying to be their best self, many people fall for the temptation to make themselves to be better than they really are in order to fit in.

Therefore, we have become obsessed with ensuring we post the best pictures of ourselves. The intention seems to be promoting ourselves to be popular and making posts and comments that get us fans.

If you don't think you are a culprit of this dangerous revolution consider this: how does getting someone to share your tweet or post make you feel? If it gives you are rush, then your dependence on social media goes beyond what is healthy and natural.

People have gotten to the point where they literally beg for likes, shares, and follows, which is why you will see hashtags like #like4like.

There is nothing inherently wrong with social media. As a matter of fact, I think it is one of the best things that has ever happened.

However, the way we are currently using it is not right.

Social media is not a place to have our egos validated. As you scroll through your social media, all you will see are posts and activities that demonstrate how bad self-obsession has gotten in these popular communication platforms.

What we are creating is a generation that cares more and more about itself and less and less about everything else. We are turning into zombies, going about while wallowing in narcissism, and being completely blind to everything else that is happening around us and those we are close to.

Let's wake up people. Because this needs to change, or we will, and that will not be pretty.