Scientists Back Ap The Ancient Art Of Smudging: It Clears The Air Of Bacterial Microbes And Lightens Unhappy Moods

Scientists Back Ap The Ancient Art Of Smudging: It Clears The Air Of Bacterial Microbes And Lightens Unhappy Moods

Smudging is an ancient art of cleansing and purification. This ritual has been in existence in Native American culture for centuries.

This art involves burning sage herbs which are believed to have spiritual powers. Many people perform this ritual with the aim of purifying their homes from unwanted presences and energy.

It's done by combusting a tight papered-wrapped sage then allowing the smoke to spread throughout the house. Members of the family are required to breathe this smoke.


Smudging has both health and spiritual uses, and most communities use it to clean negative energy from the air. Also, scientists have proved that this sage smoke helps kill bacteria as well as raise positive moods.

Health Benefits Of Smudging

A study in 2012 revealed that high exposure to negative ions can lower your depression state. It'll also decrease your anxiety and lead to positive mental health.


In 1976, a similar study revealed that negative ions can also help in improving the secretion of serotonin in the brain. This is a happiness-boosting hormone that is known to lift up and improve moods. It helps in creating positive feelings.

The smoke from smudging herbs soaks up the air by releasing negative ions. Thus, lighting the moods all over the house.

When a person breathes this smoke, they'll feel happy and liberated as the aromatic scent waft through them. This condition is also called sweet sun and water. This is because people will tend to feel more relaxed as if they're sitting at the seashores or under a glorious morning sun.


Thus, smudging art is an excellent natural anti-depressant. You'll feel relieved of your clouding and exhausting thoughts.

Another research in 2006 revealed that when you burn medicinal herbs, it'll clear the air and cleanse it of harmful bacteria.

Smudging has other benefits apart from health. It can eliminate human and plant pathogens within a confined place.

Even if you aren't a holistic person, you can burn sage to create a smudge in your living place. The smoke will kill harmful bacterial pathogens. Moreover, smudging will give you a relaxed feeling and make you feel happy


Other Benefits Of Smudging

Cleansing Objects

Burning sage herbs can help in cleaning objects which have been out of use for several years. When positive ions accumulate in an item, it might cause a negative vibe.

The negative ions produced during smudging will neutralize these effects. For instance, you can waft a smudge smoke over objects such as sofas, electric appliances, and wall clocks to remove unwanted energy.


Better Sleeping Habits

A study performed in Italy discovered that the negative ions in the air can help in improving neuropsychological performances. Also, it can improve sleep patterns and treat mood disorders.

If you're suffering from insomnia, you can smudge your bedroom before going to bed. This will help to relax your brain, making you sleep more comfortably.


Improves Overall Health

Healthy living depends on freedom from depression, and an increase in happiness. When you relax and worry less, your blood pressure remains healthy and safe.

The negative ions released during smudging are absorbed into your bloodstream and transported throughout the body. Also, they reduce the formation of wrinkles and prevent premature aging.