Scientific Reasons Why A Partner Might Cheat

Scientific Reasons Why A Partner Might Cheat

Relationships are generally never plain sailing, and couples often find themselves having to work through a range of difficulties and issues. Of course, one thing that many people dread is finding out that their partner has cheated or is cheating on them. However, this can and does happen in many relationships.

It seems that the likelihood of someone cheating on their partner can be affected by a variety of things, and some of the reasons do have a scientific background. In fact, according to science, humans are biologically designed to cheat, and in this article, we will look at some of the scientific reasons why this may happen.

Some of the Causes Behind Cheating

Scientific research suggests there could be several key reasons why a partner is more likely to cheat on their significant other. Some of these include:

Quest for Intimacy

One of the things that can drive a person to cheat on their partner is emotional distance and lack of intimacy. Many couples become emotionally distant, and this can eventually take its toll on other areas of the relationship such as intimacy. This combination of lack of emotion and intimacy can drive another partner to find the intimacy and emotional support they need elsewhere. Cheating is, therefore, their way of making up for what is lacking in their own relationship.

The Person's Background

Another thing that could have an impact on a person's likelihood of cheating is their background and their past environment. For instance, if a person has been brought up in a household where cheating is commonplace, the chances are that they themselves will see nothing wrong with it as they get older and form their own relationships. Another possible factor is that they have been cheated on in the past, and this has made them feel vengeful even though their current partner is not the one who cheated on them.

Becoming Bored

Couples often become bored in their relationship because things can become stale over time. However, to alleviate this, it is important to look for things to do that will add some excitement. Sadly, some people do not do this, and instead, they feel compelled to turn to another person to try and get the excitement they crave. So, simple boredom could be the reason why someone decides to cheat on their partner.

A Mid-Life Crisis

Many people will know from personal experience how a mid-life crisis can make an impact on life. Well, there are various things that people go through when they experience a mid-life crisis and one is to look elsewhere for attention. Often, they look for someone younger because this then makes them feel younger and enables them to hold onto their rapidly declining youth for longer.

Lack of Confidence

If your partner lacks confidence and self-esteem for whatever reason, one of the things they may do is cheat on you. This is generally not out of spite or to make you feel bad but to make themselves feel better and give their own ego a boost. Knowing that they have still 'got it' can often make them feel far more confident about themselves.

Getting Past Cheating

Of course, there are many other reasons why a partner may cheat on you. It could even be the fact that they want to get out of the relationship but don't know how to go about it other than make you want to leave them. The main decision for the partner who has been cheated on is to determine what the next step should be by assessing the situation and what may have caused their partner to cheat.