Science Says It's Healthier To Stay Single

Science Says It’s Healthier To Stay Single

Being in a relationship can be great, but Science says you're better off being single. There's so much you can do; you can save yourself so much drama and heartache. I'm not saying all relationships are bad, but if you're not in one and feel like you are missing out, here are some reasons why being solo is good for you.

1. You'll Be Healthier

Reports show that women who have never been married are much healthier than their married counterparts. Single women have better weight, and they visit the hospital less regularly.

2. Greater Financial Responsibility


If you dream of buying a home, pampering yourself, and traveling, then you are better off staying single. Married couples also tend to have greater debt. On average, 36% of couples with kids had credit card debt instead of 21% of single people.

3. They Are Not As Materialistic

Single people care less about their paycheck than married couples do. Married people were generally more concerned with their financial situations. Not having to worry about a partner makes employment more fulfilling for single people.

4. Greater Opportunities For Personal Growth


If you look back, you will probably realize that you grew the most when you were single. Sure, studies have indicated that being married improved personal growth, but single people were more likely to take the growth in a better light.

5. They Don't Drink As Much

The world sees single people as lovers of reckless fun. However, a study has shown that married people are actually more likely to drink more. The reason why married people drank more was not clear, but too much drinking is never a good thing.

6. Better Social Life


There is a growing misconception that single women stay indoors curled up on their couches with their dozen, or so cats roaming around. But science says that single people are more generous and receive more assistance than married people because they interact more. That explains why people who are in relationships suddenly become unavailable.

7. They Are More Physically Fit

Single people are likely to take part in things like marathons. Single people simply exercise more, with single men working out three minutes more in a week than their married counterparts.

8. Their Sex Lives Are Much Better


Being in a relationship is often associated with a more active sex life. But a study has debunked this myth as well. Sexual frequency is going down over time, but only for married couples.

9. They Are More Generous

As far as money, time and attention go, you are more likely to receive and even give them if you are single. In general, single or divorced men gave their friends about $1,000 more than their single counterparts did. And parents were more likely to get assistance from their single children, women or men.

10. They Have Greater Independence

In a study by SAGE Journals, those who are happily or unhappily single are more independent. Self-sufficiency is always satisfying, as you don't have to worry about how your decisions affect the other person.