School District Turns Unused Cafeteria Food Into Take-Home Meals For Kids In Need

school district turns unused cafeteria food into take-home meals for kids in need

Students in Indiana's Elkhart School District get breakfast and lunch at school. But some are hungry during the rest of the day. Instead of turning a blind eye, the school joined forces with an innovative nonprofit to ensures kids in need have enough meals.

During weekends, when the school is closed, the kids were left to starve. Now, they have enough to keep their tummies full and be ready to tackle the school work.

The idea came once the school administrators noticed that there's too much perfectly good food going to waste. Instead of throwing it in the garbage, the school team up with the food rescue group Cultivate to collect, package, and freeze all of their unused food from school lunches.

Woodland Elementary School's kids can now take a backpack containing eight frozen meals for their weekend at home. Around 20 children depend on this program every week.

Melissa Ramey from Chamber Leadership Academy spoke about this project to WSBT:

"It's making a big impact."

"I am proud of that. It was heartbreaking to hear that children go home on the weekends and that they don't have anything to eat."

Cultivate visits the school three times a week to salvage the food. Here's the video, which will further explain this fantastic idea that came to life quickly and changed many students' lives.

It might also inspire you to find ways to feed those in need and cut the food waste.