Sarcastic Women Make The Best Friends

Sarcastic Women Make The Best Friends

In every group of girls, there are certain roles that everyone is known for. These traits help the group bond more. These characteristics can vary, and often at times, your girls will make fun of you for having a certain set of behaviors, but they are what make you an essential part of the group. Every girl group needs a sarcastic woman. They are intelligent, witty, boldly honest, and can handle any social situation with ease and charm. If your squad does not have a sarcastic girl, here are a few reasons why you should definitely get one.


Every subject goes

There are certain topics most girls will try to avoid. Mostly, it's because they are sensitive, or affect a particular member in one or more ways. Sarcastic girls, however, have a gift of navigating the sensitive subject's landmine. They do so with jokes and caution so that the topic becomes easy for everyone in the group.


They will always lighten the moment

Now and then, things get serious or gloomy in every group. Sarcastic girls have an arsenal of jokes and light moments that will leave you in stitches, and thus, feeling much better.

Their humor can be a hedge of protection

The good thing about sarcastic girls is that they see a lot of things in the group dynamic. They don't just use their humor and sarcasm to propel themselves; they also do so to protect you. A sassy girl can easily shut a mean girl down from insulting you.


Their jokes have no end

A sarcastic girl will always have a funny comment at any given point. Their jokes flow from a well that never dries. You also never know the angle they'll take with their jokes.

They don't walk on eggshells

Sometimes, we try to avoid a certain issue because we don't want to offend another woman in the group. This can sometimes lead to the group splitting up or drifting apart. Sassy girls have the remedy for this. They will use humor and comments that may get a few people ruffled. However, their blatant honesty about situations will offer a deep revelation.


They are tough as hell

To many sarcastic girls, it feels as if their sarcasm has been brewing for a long time. Many times, it is used to protect them from being hurt. Since they have mastered the art of self-protection, it becomes easier for them to protect other girls in the group as well.

They're always by your side

We all got that one person we don't like. Heck, it is usually a handful of people you really just cannot stand. When you have a sarcastic girl in your group, you'll have a blast making fun of all those people you don't like.


They are smart and witty

The beauty with sassy girls is you never have a dull moment. Whether it's a great comeback to a joke, a plan for the evening, or handling of awkward situations, they think and act fast.

They don't mind being the butt of the joke

Sassy girls will always appreciate a good joke. Even when the joke is directed towards them. They have a great sense of humor and will laugh along with everyone else.


They tell it as it is

The problem with most of our friend groups is we're always trying to sugarcoat things. Even when you're trying to reprimand someone, there's a lot of sugar coating involved. Sarcastic girls, however, will give you the whole truth as it is. It may come off as being abrasive, but the truth is, it's just them telling you what they see.


They hold you when you're feeling low

Life has its fair share of ups and downs. When you're feeling blue and low, a sassy girl will always be there to hold your hand and walk you through the tough times. Sarcasm will always reveal a lighter and brighter side of life.

They know how to put jerks in their place

When it comes to a battle of wits, a sarcastic woman is unmatched. When a jerk tries to belittle anyone in the group, the sarcastic girl is always out to rescue them. They do it in such a humiliating manner, that the jerk cannot even try to fight it.


They don't care what people think

Sassy girls don't waste their energy trying to figure out who doesn't like them and for what reason. They are content with being themselves, and that is all that pleases them, not what people think of them.