Samuel L. Jackson Reads New Bedtime Story, "Stay The F**k At Home"

Samuel L. Jackson Reads New Bedtime Story, “stay The F**k At Home”

If you don't want to listen to the government, that's on you. But, no one messes with Samuel L. Jackson, who will convince you to stay at home and do some good!

It does seem like a nightmare, but COVID-19 is killing people, and no one is safe. The virus is new, so there's no way to prevent it but to simply stay inside your home. Samuel L. Jackson is sick of people not listening, so he is giving out orders, and you should take him seriously.


Adam Mansbach's bedtime story, "Go The F**k To Sleep," got a makeover when a famous actor read the story on Jimmy Kimmel's show. And yes, both the famous actor and the host were safe in their homes, because the pandemic is no joke!

I'm not a doctor, but motherf**kers listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam f**king Jackson, imploring you, keep your ass at home!

As a bonus, Jackson encouraged everyone to donate to Feeding America, but you can contribute to any charity of your choice. Every single being on this planet depends on you staying put now, so you can save some money and share it with the less fortunate.


Social or physical distancing is not some measure made to make your life harder. We know next to nothing about this virus, but we know that by staying away from each other, physically, not emotionally, we can put it under control. There's no big plot to destroy your spring break or summer plans, it's science and nature, and we should obey the rules.

Mr. Jackson shared that he's watching "Tiger King," and he's also sad that he had plans he had to cancel. But, he knows better than to risk his life and the lives of people around him.


Ten years ago, Samuel L. Jackson read this poem to make us laugh. Today, he's doing so to remind us that to take the concept of social distancing seriously. And he uses a lot of profanities, which is both scary and entertaining. The story is on Youtube, and it's free.

If you ever felt the need to be an antisocial rebel, now's the time. If you don't want things to get worse, and they will, stay at home, wash your hands properly, and do not spread fake information. Yes, it is a virus, and it is flu-like. It seems to be spreading much faster and what you can do is take care of yourself and stay away from people!


Let's learn to be grateful for what we have and have faith that the virus will leave us soon. Or that the scientists will come up with a solution. Either way, this is not permanent, and you're not alone. We are all in this together, even Hollywood A+ listers!