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Samsung's 219-Inch TV, Called "The Wall", Is Simply Awesome

Samsung’s 219-inch Tv, Called “the Wall”, Is Simply Awesome

One of the best things you can do after a long exhausting day is sit on your couch, put your legs up, grab the remote and turn on your TV to watch your favorite visual content.

The experience is so much fun that most people spend many hours before their bedtimes just watching the television. It's definitely not the most productive way to spend your time, but we look forward to it, and that counts for something, right?

Personally, I love every moment of it.

And I thought I had everything about this beloved pastime handled with my giant 55-inch television.

That was until I heard that Samsung has just come up with a 219-inch TV they are calling 'The Wall.' I haven't seen it yet, at least not in real life, but I strongly feel I need it in my house. Before you call me crazy, hear me out first, I have my reasons.

1. It's Magnificent And Beautiful

Take a moment to consider how massive 219 inches truly is. That is plenty of awesomeness. It is like having a giant billboard-sized screen in your own home.

Imagine how much fun it would be watching your favorite shows on such a screen. That is why I dream and fantasize about "The Wall." That's why I want one.

2. It's Like Many TVs Joined Together

The television set relies on MicroLEDs that are joined to make several screens which are then put together to form this massive television.

In case you are wondering, that is how they get to transport this great unit to its chosen destination. Hauling around a 219-inch television is definitely not the easiest or the most practical thing.

3. It's A Work Of Art

When most TVs are off, all you see is a black screen. But you will have a totally different experience with this Samsung television. "The Wall" turns into a beautiful work of art once you are done watching it. I am pretty sure you can imagine how awesome that is.

4. You Can Change The Shape

As we have already seen, this television is made up of several panels joined together. And apparently, you also get the option of arranging these panels into a shape you prefer.

Still, I think your options might be a bit limited. But then again, not many TVs give you this option, which makes "The Wall" pretty special in this regard.

5. Do They Have Something Smaller?

If you think 219 inches is a little over the top or unreasonable in consideration of the space in your home, then you can always explore other options the company offers. They also have a 75-inch version, which might be a better fit for many of us.

But I will stick to my guns. I want this television. I am not giving up on 219-inches of awesome goodness that easily. Who's with me?