Salt Bae's Boston Restaurant Shut Down After Viral Twerk Video On Tik Tok

salt bae’s boston restaurant shut down after viral twerk video on tik tok

Nusr-Et Boston, Salt Bae's signature steakhouse, was closed due to not enforcing mask or social distancing measures. And it all happened a week after the twerking video, which had the restaurant back in the spotlight.

Boston authorities first became suspicious of the content on the restaurant's Instagram. The whole thing exploded, and it's under investigation.

Health code violations

The incident happened just a week after the grand opening, and the infamous TikTok video.


Before we dig deeper into the situation, let's remember that Salt Bae's one of the most famous chefs and internet memes.

salt bae's boston restaurant shut down after viral twerk video on tik tok
salt bae's boston restaurant shut down after viral twerk video on tik tok

The chef and his Boston place are popular with the younger millennials, and clearly, people were excited to go to their favorite spot again. Perhaps too excited.

Even the residents in the area described a chaotic scene inside and outside of the restaurant during its opening days.


The Turkish social media star known as Salt Bae is now apologizing, but the damage is done. Well, it suits him right after filming that TikTok video. But we'll get to that.

The restaurant's apology

In the statement, the restaurant's lawyer says:

We're just very apologetic and want to make sure we work cooperatively with the board, with the police department, with (the Boston Inspectional Services Department).


He adds that the whole thing got out of hand because people were excited to see Salt Bea in person. So, once the buzz wears off, he "hopes and desires" more normal operations would be able to resume.

But where does the twerking fit in?

Now, you see, the girl is looking all nice and ladylike. But, her twerking is telling another story.


So, while she's shaking her booty, an angry man enters. Salt Bae seems to be enjoying it, but the clip ends as soon as the man sees the woman.

The video got over 3.5 million views on TikTok alone. Some were afraid for her safety because the man seemed very hostile.

So, a week later, an Instagram post adds more fuel to the fire, and the chef is now in big trouble. Though the two incidents are not quite connected, both happened in Salt Bae's presence.


Not his first rodeo

The restaurant so far broke health violations, but that's okay, they didn't have a health permit and had no proof of an on-site food protection manager. Oops!

There were equipment violations among others, but everything was fixed after the closing.

For Salt Bae, this is just another day in the office. His chain serves 1,000 USD stakes with gold leaves, and it caused so much outrage that the police had to be called.


Back in January, the Miami restaurant also got complaints. Customers were surprised by bills being much more expensive than they had anticipated.

It seems that Nusret Gokce's luck has changed. Or perhaps, he should start taking his successful career more seriously, especially since Boston's restaurant is now back in business.