Sagittarius In 2019

23 November – 21 December

There’s a glow about you and a confident air. You have the feeling that everything will turn out all right, and it will, with bells on!

Home and Family

With dreamy, inquisitive Neptune in your house and home zone, you could feel a pull to get closer to relatives near and far, young and old. Longing to know more about your clan could be a recurring feeling. Delving into your family tree could warm many of your winter nights and uncover additional members of your family, including distant ancestors that you never knew existed. This could help give you a whole new sense of who you are and where you came from. Sharing your discoveries with each and every family member could take you all year and not be boring doe a single moment!

Cash and Career

After a few trial runs last year you get more time in 2019 to check out new possibilities in your working life and to decide if you want to make a change. Whether that means taking up a different career, or just moving companies, you can do it if you set your mind to it. As Venus goes backward in the heavens between March and April, do plenty of research and, just as importantly, ask your friends what they think would suit you best. You may be surprised how well they know you and what a useful insight this gives. September and December are the months to look forward to on the money front when opportunities come to improve your cash flow in a big way.

Love and Friendship

Friends, you can bet that you’ve got friends, and not the fair-weather kind…. So goes the words of the song that could best describe the start of the year for you. A whole lot of back-scratching is about to go on with exchanges of services and sharing of ideas. More importantly, you could receive lots of encouragement and reassurance about your abilities from those in your circle. This fuzzy feeling may also overflow into your love life. Venus is in your heart chart in July, predicting that charm and decisiveness will draw that special someone closer to you. You free-spirited Sagittarians can be hard to pin down – but not now. Current or potential romantic partners will be delighted to get an insider’s guide as to what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.

Top 3 Tips

  1. A new group revolutionises your thinking
  2. Focus on a long-term goal and prove your commitment
  3. Live by water to find a sense of peace

Diary Entries 2019


Someone in the family needs attention. Tread on eggshells as they are feeling particularly sensitive, and desperately seek your approval.


Enjoy romance that begins in time for Valentines Day. It fulfils a need you’ve been craving.


Put kids first and don’t underestimate the strength of their feelings. Rediscover the games you enjoyed as a child.


Time away from a job or project helps clarify what you need and why. Start afresh on the 26th.


You’re up against tough opposition, so choose your battles. Be around people who make you laugh.


A group of people dear to your heart help in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Let them support you.


Be wary of running up debt to finance a trip or course. Find a wise way to raise funds.


You might have to change plans suddenly. Run a money audit to reduce outgoings.


Throw yourself into a new job or project. And the great news is you receive backing, which sets you on the road to success!


Focus on healing yourself. A deep understanding of other people will transform lives.


It starts with change on an inner level which quickly moves out into the world. You make quick progress.


Keep your thoughts to yourself until Christmas. Don’t worry though – what you’ve been hoping for will materialise.