Sad Truths About Narcissists Which Prove They Are Unable To Love

Sad Truths About Narcissists Which Prove They Are Unable To Love

Narcissists are torn between their pain and their love, not knowing whether to stay or simply leave, but can't seem to do any of these.

Reasons to support the doubt is that they might show love and in other moments they try to push their partner away. In one instance, you will see the caring person that you love, whose company is pleasurable, and the next moment they are the complete opposite, making you feel pathetic or worthless. As it turns out, narcissists may show passion in the early stages of dating, but that kind of passion is just directed at our own projections, expectations, and fantasies.

Even though a narcissist can fall in love, they will hardly be in love because they do not have the range of emotions and perceptions that are necessary to feel, give, and experience love. In most cases, the narcissist's relationships are transactional, without any commitments. Below are some truths about narcissists that prove these people are unable to love.

1. They can't stand someone better than them

Individuals with high levels of narcissism are very obsessed with achieving perfectness, a fact that is evident from the way they interact with others. Such people are usually envious of anyone they perceive as being better than them and will be very angry when outdone by another person, more so if it is their partner.

2. They have no patience for the imperfections in others

Expecting themselves to be perfect and everyone around them to match up, it is almost impossible for partners to live up to the narcissist expectations, which makes the relationship feel unhealthy and heavy.

3. They achieve their goals through others

Simply giving them what they need at the time and like a parachute, we are totally forgotten when they no longer require us in their lives.

4. They don't give love but manipulation

Narcissists have indirect ways of controlling others as they are not worried about this supply running out. They will make attempts at manipulation, humiliation, and even belittling their partner to serve their purposes. They manipulate people into doing what they want to be done, and love is nothing but a tool. The best advice would be to assume they cannot be able to feel love.

5. Nothing is ever good enough for a narcissist

Narcissists always want more which is their life's motto. Whenever they have what they want, they shift their attention to a new goal. This behavior is pieced from the fact that their desires are always changing and they are not interested in anything for very long, with decisions that are never final. This makes all narcissistic individuals that cannot be satisfied.

These are just some of the facts that make narcissists who they are and sadly, it's the truth. With this in consideration, you will easily know who is a narcissist and the many signs of their nature. This will place you in a position where you'll know if you should leave them.